Sculptures and decorative figurines in the arrangement of the apartment. We choose accessories for your home style!

Decorative additions play a very significant role in the interior design of any room. They often create its individual character, complement it, or emphasize the style of the entire decoration. One of the forms of interior design may consist in sculptures or figures, which are now still trendy despite the passing time. As time goes by their form changes, adjusting to the current interior design trends. Sculpture designers have proven that such an interior decoration may become a small piece of art. Since then, the perception of such items which decorate apartments and houses has significantly changed.


Decorative figures in living room interior designs: how to choose them?

We can find decorative figures in almost every household. We most often select the decorations basing on the style of the interior. It is worth to remember that they have to fit the style of a given interior design. Only then can they become an interesting addition to the selected room. When deciding to purchase figures or sculptures it is worth to consider their function. Small decorations may become an element of a larger composition, whereas larger ones most often constitute the main decoration of an interior, emphasizing its character. The number and size of decorative elements within a room should be carefully thought-through. After all, we want the decorations to be presented in an aesthetic manner, to emphasize the style of the room, and not overwhelm or create a sense of a mess.

Sculptures: we select additions to complement the style of the interior

Sculptures may appear in every interior, provided that they are properly selected. They are most often featured in living rooms standing on commodes, bookshelves, or above the fireplace. Figures presenting animals or designs inspired by nature fit best classic interiors. They may present any animal in the color of old silver or gold.

BEATRICE gold ivory finish 20x18x53 cm

Whereas modern interiors limit the number of decorations to the very minimum, that is why they have to be precisely thought-through. These will most often be larger, painted sculptures, majestically located at the central point of the room. In modern interiors the role of decorations is more and more often assumed by decorative lanterns, candle holders, or photo frames. The latter can be seen not only hanging on walls but also placed on commodes or tilted aside the bedroom wall.

Interiors in an Occitan or shabby chic style are also a perfect location to present decorative figures. In such styles we don’t have to limit the number of decorations. However, it is wise to maintain moderation and remember that each of these figures has to be dusted from time to time.

BOTTLE VASE – get inspired!

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