Scandinavian Style Sideboard

Of the various contemporary interior styles available to us, few can rival the Scandinavian style in terms of balance of functionality and aesthetics. The same hold true for our selection of Scandinavian-style sideboards – they’re a set of simple, functional, and beautiful pieces that will fit well into any interior.


The Scandinavian style is characterised by simplicity, clean lines, and inviting functionality. The style is simple, but also intended to evoke feelings of cosiness and warmth. You will find that our sideboards exhibit all of those traits with their simple lines and light, soft colours.


The style originates from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, and places heavy emphasis on light, natural elements, and neutral colours. This is mostly a reflection of the Nordic environment. The region sees very little daylight due to the long winters, and houses are very small, which meant that interiors had to be designed as bright, airy, and cosy. The style gained international attention in 1947 when it was exhibited in Italy, instantly capturing the hearts of many onlookers. This lead to the style’s explosion in popularity in the 1990s when designers decided to be bold and utilise unique, bold pieces as individual units.

Functional and simple

Since then, the Scandinavian style has never really lost its momentum. Many UK homes opt for the natural, light, simple charm of the Scandinavian style. Functional and simple yet beautiful and elegant, the Scandinavian style is undeniably appealing to British sensibilities. Our sideboards are a perfect way to start getting into it. At the same time, there are certain elements of the Scandinavian style that may seem counter-intuitive to most people used to the British way of things. Fireplaces, for example, are usually put in a corner instead of acting as the centrepiece of the room. Additionally, not all furniture has to match – as the style utilises many vintage elements, the key is to nicely combine seemingly incompatible elements. The colour palette is always very simple and light, with white and grey acting as main colours. Add to that vivid colour accents and various textures, and you’ve pretty much got all the basics a Scandinavian-style home needs! With our sideboards as an entry point, you are guaranteed to get that look down perfectly in no time.