Must have this season: Italian design and style in your home

If you want to have durable, beautiful and well-made furniture, Italian furniture is what meets those requirements. According to specialists, these are some of the best products of furniture art that can be bought in the world. There’s a reason for that. Taking care of every detail, carefully selected raw materialsand technologies allow you to enjoy these pieces of furniture for many years.

A little bit history of Italian design 

The tradition of Italian furniture dates back to ancient times – like almost everything in Italy – but modern Italian furniture is a special case. Italian furniture manufacturers pay attention both to the form and the usefulness of their products. Sometimes it has been a year since drawing the first line to the production of a particular model of a wardrobe or a sofa. Nothing happens at random. Each detail is relevant and has a specific function. Thanks to that, the market gets excellent products. In this case, Italian design is the perfect combination of pragmatism and art. 

The thirties of the 20th century began one of the most characteristic features of Italian style recognized in the whole the world – originality. Looking at the arrangements of flats and houses, it is easy to recognize elements of Italian applied art. The originality of Italians is not only about the shape or purpose of furniture. The selection of materials and their composition is equally important for Italian masters. Italian furniture designers work very long time on their works before they are introduced to the market. The combination of natural wood with stone, glass or concrete is very common in their designs. 

Italians produce not only excellent kitchen or bathroom furniture. Well-designed sofas, couches and armchairs are also a characteristic feature of Italian furniture. The furniture industry in Italy has been rapidly developing since the 1950s. The experience gained over the years makes it possible for Italian furniture manufacturers to excel at top quality of materials, a perfect way to match them as well as outstanding upholstery solutions.

The combination of white, cool beige and graphite is the most popular color combination of modern Italian furniture this season. Light wood combined with stone, material or concrete will make the industrial and cool style dominating in contemporary arrangements look warmer. Bedroom and living room furniture will also fluctuate around shades of white and grey, combining with beige and brown. In this way, they will remain in cool tones and be still pleasant to look at. 

It is worth paying attention to Italian furniture not only because of its aesthetic properties. Even if it is slightly more expensive than other mass-produced furniture products, it will be used for years. It will also look great for a long time. A very common opinion is that it is better to buy cheaper furniture and when it is destroyed, buy the next set. Keeping in mind our experience and the experience of our customers, how often do we change furniture? Every five or ten years? Taking this into consideration, poor quality furniture are tend to irritate more rather than bring joy after two years. A house should be your fortress and oasis. Furniture is an integral part of your home so it is sometimes a good idea to wait and buy a product that will enjoy your eyes and will be used for a long time.

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