Modern Interior Design: Best Tips for 2021
5 MIN READ   |   11 May 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

Modern Interior Design: Best Tips for 2021


Modern interior design began to develop in the first half of the 20th century. Today it is eagerly introduced in many homes because of its many advantages. It comes from the need of people who finally wanted to feel at ease in their home. The concept of luxury has changed, so old rich designs and ornaments were consequently considered unnecessary and impractical. Modern interiors are all about simplicity, fuss-free design, and minimalistic furniture. With its roots in Scandinavian and German architecture and design, this interior design concept focuses strongly on using neutral materials and monochromatic colours while eliminating unnecessary details and disorder.

Modern interior design trends move away from having a lot of things as an indication of wealth. Today, less is more, which is why this concept is very much into geometric forms and sticking to minimalism. However, its principles are fluid and often subject to many changes. This interior design look is often called “mid century modern”. It is associated with the aforementioned simplicity but also with elegance and functionality. The essence of it are interiors and furniture designed with noble materials. It also means not shying away from playing with colour and shape, at least as long as they fulfill their function.

Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Monochromatic Patterns

bright living room with two red sideboards and a coffee table

Modern style can be very structured and aesthetically pleasing, but it does not lack a touch of madness. You can use a bold, intense hit of colour as a distinguishing mark of this interior design look and thus introduce an interesting theme into your spaces.

Choose a strong accent such as, for example, a big red sideboard in the living room, or go all the way in and colour-coordinate many items, such as chairs in the dining room together with textiles. Bold combinations of modern design elements is a great way to show your true decor-freak nature!

If you wonder why mid century modern is now so popular – there is a reason for that. Such a strong, uniform combination of furniture, accessories and walls in one colour is a trend for both: lovers of extravagance, as well as for those who worship elegance. Try to paint the walls in Cobalt Blue and see that “monochromatic” doesn’t mean “pale” at all. You will design a room full of personality and uniqueness instead.

Make Your Living Space Multi-Functional

Now living rooms become less formal as people want to do all sorts of things here. The living room is supposed to be:

The modern style allows several rooms to be combined into one and gives you the opportunity to do so seamlessly. All of the fashion-forward decor interior trends will help you to blend two or even more functions smoothly into one coherent space that is relaxing, inspiring and productive at the same time.

Formal separation of spaces is no longer popular, and it shouldn’t be. A home should seem open today. But on the other hand, it should allow you to isolate yourself and find some private space whenever you need it. That is why it is better to think about separating various rooms wisely, eventually leaving an open space.

Invest in Furniture and Accessories Made of Natural Materials

three wooden coffee tables in the living room in front of the white sofa

Modern interior design, which originates from and has a lot in common with Scandinavian design, must harmonise with nature and simple forms. Room decor inspired by natural colours and textures brings warmth and order to any room, whether we want to decorate a new living room or work on the look of a bedroom or kitchen. White and grey work well everywhere. However, don’t forget more sophisticated colours like shades of chocolate brown, wine, olive green, and yellow ochre that will make you feel grounded.

You can easily purchase new beautiful home furniture made from natural materials or find them in vintage shops. Note that wood, rattan and natural stone feel great in the company of houseplants. Mostly, because their green tones contrast pleasantly with the rest of the home interior.

Keep Things Minimalist

Even if you like a bold monochrome colour scheme – please, have something in mind. Note that modern style only looks flawless when everything is kept minimalist. Remember, this style is all about balance and harmony. That is why thoughtfully arranged, aesthetic and symmetrical furniture will add an air of order and sophistication to your living room or bedroom.

You can decorate the living room with beautiful pieces of furniture, but also by light. Make sure to invest in several light sources so that you can freely control the mood in the room. On the other hand, in the bedroom, focus on natural colours and textures – just stepping over the threshold of the bedroom should create a feeling of softness and bliss. Any interior designer would also give you useful tips on decorative pieces here. So, we’ll get into that in the next section.

Pay Attention to Functional Decorative Pieces

Yes, style, form, and aesthetic charm are important, but modern interior design focuses on decorations that have a set of useful features. The purpose of an item in the interior is a bit more important than its design. But of course, let’s assume that we want to have everything in one piece: a multi-functional decoration that is at the same time made of unusual materials surprising with their textures, coolness of touch or softness of form.

You can achieve all this by following modern interior design trends for 2021. Imagine you want to be an interior designer for a moment and have a new idea for your living room. If design is essential to you, but you don’t want the room to turn out bland – you want to add something creative and at the same time enjoy elements that will not only please the eye but will prove functional.

light-blue flower vase with green twigs with leaves and with wooden lanterns on both sides

There are some attractive solutions:

  • A bookshelf in an interesting design
  • A flower vase that looks like a sculpture
  • A lamp – a hanging work of art
  • A lovely blanket that will warm your feet in the evening


When decorating your home in accordance with the latest interior design trends, it is worth sticking consistently to one look. In the case of modern design, Scandinavian style can be your main focus, which is why we recommend that you regularly look at arrangements in this décor during the preparation phase so that you can quickly grasp the idea of minimalism, simple forms and of course functionality.

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