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5 MIN READ   |   15 February 2019   |   Arthur Guzowski

Modern furniture


Contemporary does not have to necessarily mean cold, manufactured from artificial materials or minimalistic. You might consider it as something new, quite often original and based on novel ideas turned into reality through unique combination of materials and forms. Take a tour of modern furniture to find inspirations, widen your spectrum of available solutions for your interiors and pick the one, which suits you in terms of practicality and character.

Simplicity or intense colours

Clean forms do not have to mean cold, greyish, whitish and blackish shades. Modern furniture is first of all a freedom of expression, which can be represented by any colour of your choice. The sideboards, wardrobes or sofas are quite often black and white, but there are numerous other shades and solutions to choose from. From toxic green, through red wine up to any other you come up with. Even the most refined contemporary interiors can be full of life and untamed energy originating in every colourful accent and element in your home.


Clean lines or original shapes

Unique forms, striking combinations of shapes and elements amaze with conceptual freedom and vast possibilities in terms of designing private and professional interiors. The range of potential projects to choose from include dazzling futuristic modern furniture, a mix of old and new ideas, which camouflage modernism within the most traditional projects and offer minimalist precision in every detail. All shapes and lines add a strong character to contemporary space and give basis to the most creative interiors, designed by imaginative professionals.

Creative lighting

Modern furniture is not the only one, which employs the potential of light in interior design. However, thanks to unrestricted creative freedom in terms of shapes and colours, the lighting used in contemporary wardrobes, TV stands or other items offers even more striking and surprising results.

The lights have finally developed from being an additional aesthetic solution into one of the most prominent elements of the design. They are a completely separate element and add a substantial value into the whole design. It is especially visible in the evenings, when its whole potential can be used.

TV stands

They belong to the group of one of the most vivid examples of modern furniture. As their purpose is quite obvious, their form seems to be limited. However, creative contemporary artists, designers and craftsmen approached the task with untamed imagination, which resulted in an extremely diversified range of TV stands.

From simple, clean lines to the most extravagant (e.g. mirror stands) projects, they amaze with unique elegance and functionality they offer. They do not only look good, but also have a place for all of the remotes, players, manuals and accessories for your electronic equipment.


A characteristic feature of such projects is the popularity of high gloss finish. A number of sideboards are manufactured in such style, which is quite often perceived as the most ‘typical’ of modern furniture solutions. Their practicality is enclosed in simple lines and forms, which harmonize with clean interiors kept in black & white colours.

There are also other projects, which employ other materials and matt finishes or combine them in order to achieve distinctive aesthetic result.

Contemporary bedroom

It is a mix of old and new, where old is the great comfort and relaxation, and the new are the lines, forms and original shapes. The central element of modern furniture for bedroom is bed. Quite popular are models with LED RGB lights, which transform the space into a relaxation area in the night. It can really change your mood and state of mind, preparing you for perfect rest.

The sets are naturally complemented by sizeable wardrobes for all of your clothes and smaller chests of drawers and bedside tables.

Sets of modern furniture

The number of available solutions is very impressive, as professional designers keep on developing new ideas and new lines and sets for every type of interior. High gloss, lacquered Tivoli series, Lumina cabinets and TV stands employing the potential of LED lights, white Amalfi sideboards and display cabinets and numerous other ideas were designed to surprise the spectator with excellence of every detail and general form as well as ensure comfort of everyday use through practical solutions.

Contemporary design for children

Not many people are aware, that modern furniture presents an amazing chance to create the perfect kid’s room. Full of colours, developing the children imagination and offering a vast possibilities to play, learn and simply have fun. The designers approach each project from the point of view of the needs of the little ones and their safety.

Make your interior unique

Do not be afraid to combine styles, colours and forms in order to design the interior of your dreams. Browse through the simplest as well as the most extraordinary and complex solutions to find the best ideas for your home. Modern furniture offers you virtually unlimited freedom and lets you use your imagination at its full capacity.

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