Modern furniture in flat decor

Nowadays, it is important that the flat decor reflects its owner’s personality and speaks of whom they are. For those who have developed a taste for modern interior design devoid of unnecessary details, flat decor becomes a symbol of elegance and luxury. Simple and functional space formed through the use of proper materials and enhanced with a little bit of period accessories will produce an original result. 

Mark of a flat: decorate your living room!

A living room is a resting space where everyone should feel comfortable. It is also the pride of the entire flat, as this is where all guests are entertained. Using a mirror in the cabinet front, which will add more depth to the room and hide the elements used by the household members, is a practical solution.

A mirror placed in the living room will not only optically expand its space, but also brighten it. Moreover, we also obtain additional space which we would otherwise have to use for hanging it. The mirror, which fills the sliding door wing (one or more) may be fixed to its entire height or be combined with another material. Such solutions are not only practical, but also stylish. We can obtain the best results by using large furniture, for example wardrobe doors or the door space of a large built-in wardrobe. This form of decoration may be used in the living room and in the bedroom, adding enchanting finesse and transience to the general decor of the flat and replacing additional decorations, such as paintings or posters hung on the walls.

An additional effect of elegance in the living room can be obtained by using period furniture, preferably with colours matching the general design of the flat.In this case, contrast must be achieved, which will create balance in the living room, instead of lavishness. If the living room walls are of dark subdued colours, the lounge suite should be in light shades, i.e. white, silver, gold with some sheen that may be achieved through brocade specks contained in the material.

Crystal lampshades as well as simple yet unique sculptures in shades of silver, steel, metallic or pearl colours that will introduce an atmosphere of soft sensuality will fit such spaces well. The elements match well against a background of subdued and uniform pastel walls. 

Time for some relax

The part of a flat where blissful idleness and heavenly relaxation reign supreme is the bedroom. Especially here, one may attempt some extravagance and chic. Ensuring the comfortableness of the bed ,which may have a classic form with rounded edges or a modernistic version shaped like a simple solid, is of utmost importance.

Selection of the proper bedside tables and wardrobe should be determined by the style adopted. Here, it is extremely important to select the proper interior colours so that the furniture does not blend in with the walls. Aside from deep pink and purple, calm beige and subdued grey match extremely elegantly. A note of extravagance may be allowed in small elements, i.e. elaborate mirror frame or refined silver dressing table. One must also not forget proper lighting in the general stylisation of one’s home, as lighting used in the proper manner may present the flat as more impressive.

So, what is your type of furniture for a perfectly decorated space?

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