Ideal sideboard: See INSPIRATIONS for any interior!

Sideboards has become one of the most purchased furniture items in the past few years. Due to its versatility, a sideboard can be found in both an elegant living room, the boudoir bedroom or the colourful and energetic children’s room!

How do you choose the perfect sideboard for the interior to serve you years and not as just a seasonal decoration? The size of the sideboard must be adjusted to where it stands. If it is a narrow hallway – the sideboard cannot be too deep. If you want it to be the main decoration of the living room – it is worth putting decor on it. So how do you choose the perfect sideboard to the interior?

Sideboard in the living room

Various fantasies about old-fashioned sideboards led to the introduction of the bloated sideboard into the role of representative furniture for the family silverware and porcelain ware collection. It is succulent, decorated with ornaments and a deep-chested sideboard will perfectly suit you as storage dedicated to the family’s valuable souvenirs: tablecloths, curtains, coffers with cutlery and ornamental bedding. You can put a collection of glass vases on the part of the table top of the sideboard. It is also a great place for a family photo gallery. At that time the chest will be 100% complete – with family memorabilia in the drawers and on the counter of one chest of drawers. It will be easy to find all sentimental items if we put them in one piece of furniture. Thanks to this treatment two functions are carried out at once with one item of furniture: The decorative sideboard is a representative, attention-creating style of furniture interiors, but at the same time you do not need to organize extra space in the wardrobe or bedroom, for storage of tablecloths, curtains and net curtains.

Amber V modern sideboard in white and natural wood finish you can see here >>>

Loma II- modern highboard with white gloss fronts and LED lights, click and see here >>>

The sideboard will fit everything in the children’s room

One of the most purchased items of furniture for a newly designed child’s room is a sideboard. Because of its compact drawers and compact dimensions, it can fit the true arsenal of baby clothing, without taking up as much space as a wardrobe or a large bookcase. In addition, the chest of drawers in the child’s room – selected with a head – is universal enough furniture that you can go with the child both during pre-school and as a teenager. The design of the sideboard is very easy to change. It can be used as a lingerie or clothing store, as a cosmetic stowage (in drawers with compartments), accessories (handbags, belts, backpacks) or books and documents. It is worth putting on a neutral colour (white, wood) and simple design to make the sideboard in the child’s room last for a long period of time. The cushion can be gently customized according to the age and needs of the child, e.g. with coloured knobs or handles. Wooden chests can also be painted to any colour. When a child (or teenager) gets tired of the appearance of a chest of drawers, it will be easy to change its outer look. It will save you a lot of expenses and will launch creativity.

Eris III sideboard with natural OAK top and LED lights

Livia – grey or white matt lacquered sideboard, like it? Click and see here >>>

A sideboard in the bedroom is absolutely must have!

A chest of drawers in the bedroom was probably the earliest to come. Handy drawers give the comfort of storing small linen or accessories. It is definite that a chest also influenced the introduction of a somewhat dreamy bedroom climate: lockers and drawers are always quite mysterious additives. A sideboard in a small bedroom also often plays the role of a dresser – a mirror placed on a chest of drawers or suspended over allows for a quick improvement of appearance immediately after getting up from the bed. The jewellery casket and a perfume tray set on a chest of drawers help you quickly find the right accessories and fragrance for your day’s outfit. The bedroom suite can be treated more individually and with much greater imagination than in other rooms. The bedroom is a very intimate space; hence the items and furniture that are most suitable for us are in it (regardless of the prevailing fashion and canon style).Hence the finesse of the bedroom sideboard, as well as the colours and materials of which they were made, can be truly original. The stylish high-gloss white-painted chest pieces or modern rectangular mould trim are a great way to showcase the character and beauty of a bedroom chest of drawers.

Nicole – luxury sideboard + Nisa – luxury bespoke sideboard with optional lighting

A sideboard in the hallway is a classic set

A sideboard in the hallway is a kind of comfort of space. Not every corridor and hallway is suitable for a massive exposition by the definition of furniture. However, the sideboard and mini chests of are so graceful items of furniture that they can show off all their strengths even in not quite a roomy area. The chest of drawers for the hallway should be characterized by a small size and shallow depth. It is also best to have a footer version – this will make it easier to clean the dirt and dust floor in the hall, and the last drawer when opening will not interfere with the floor or wiper. The drawers of a small sideboard for the hallway can be used to store accessories that we usually need just before leaving: gloves, caps, scarves, collars or collapsible umbrellas. The sideboard can be used as a handy place for keys and documents, for example for a car – collected in an aesthetic bowl, a shallow basket or … shells, providing additional decoration of the interior of the hall.

Rex – 4 chest of drawer in white lacquer + Line – beige matt chest of drawer

So, have you already chosen your perfect sideboard?