How to Organise a Small Bedroom
5 MIN READ   |   14 July 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

How to Organise a Small Bedroom


Bedrooms are a place for comfort and convenience. When you enter your bedroom there must be peace and tranquility. Besides that, space is another factor to consider. Talking about space, people often get confused with the organization of small bedrooms due to lack of area. They struggle to comprehend how a bedroom should be arranged for a better aspect. Today we will be discussing top-notch ways to organize a small bedroom. We will be elaborating on useful tips to have all the necessary entities in an enclosed space. These ideas will help you in a better bedroom setup.

Top Tips to Organise a Small Bedroom

A bedroom should have all the necessary items that soothe your soul. Thus, anything undesirable can be a big thumbs down.

Here are the few tips that can certainly help in a proper organization of a small bedroom.

1) Keep it Minimal

Stuffing your small bedroom with excessive furniture is unnecessary. A minimalistic approach is an efficient step towards its better outlook. From a vanity table to a bench at the bed foot, there’s a lot to include an intact bedroom. However, adding too many items can make the area overcrowded. Just a side table and cloth storage are perfect for a small setup. Besides, a dresser can be enclosed near the bed too. It can act as cloth storage and a nightstand.

2) Make a Decluttering Routine

It’s quite obvious. If the room area is small, it is going to get overstuffed faster. Hence, make it a routine to declutter and organize the bedroom every day.  What can you do about that? Well, make it a weekly routine to organize the bedroom. Put away clothes, food containers, and receipts that are collected. A regular decluttering routine should be your habit.

3) Utilize the Area Under the Bed

opened double bed with storage

If you have sufficient storage space under the bed, use it. That’s because that area is perfect for keeping off-season clothes. It can help in the organization of both the floor and wardrobe. Just not that, you can store other stuff like toys, linens, books, luggage, and gift wraps. However, keep the space neat and dust-free. Make sure to use plastic boxes to store all the materials.

4) Clear the Nightstand

a night table next to the bed with white bedding and a wooden headrest

A room can turn chaotic with piled-up items on the bedside cabinet. To retain such scenarios, it’s best to go for nightstands with drawers. It helps in better storage of all the items. Make sure to keep the space limited to minimal stuff like lamps, tissue boxes, or jewelry boxes. Instead of placing the lamp on the nightstand, mount a lamp on the wall beside the bed. It will help in storing the stuff precisely. There are many ways to keep your nightstand neat in a small bedroom – just don’t put unnecessary things in there.

If you have an issue with scattered shoes all over then it’s best to keep them away from the bedroom. With that being said, it’s best to have shoe storage near the entrance. If not so, a hall closet is certainly a great option. So, instead of the bedroom, make sure to place the shoes in the storage. However, if you want the shoes inside the bedroom, keep them organized in a particular place. You can also use a shoe organizer for better placement. For your daily sleepers, you can place the pair neatly underneath the bed.

6) Utilise the Vertical Space

hanging clothes and shelves

Small bedrooms lack the space for items storage. Thus, you have to be innovative with the same. You can use the vertical space involving shelving, organizers, etc. Try making a shelf above the cloth bar of the closet. It will help in the efficient storage of folded clothes for better organization. Also, hooks can be attached in the back of doors or closets to hang the clothes.

7) Add Freshness with Plants

close-up on white bedding and white flowers set in a vase on the bedside table

Houseplants are not limited to living rooms only. You can add enough freshness to the bedroom with the same. A small fig plant is sufficient for a serene outlook of the small bedroom. Besides, it does not take much space. In short, it’s a perfect way to enhance the aura of the room consuming the storage.

8) Simple Layout

a green coffee cup and white bedding in the background

Its better not to overdo or complex the layout of the bedroom. Let’s say if the area is limited or enclosed, the organization should be facile yet elegant in appearance. For that, it’s best to place the bed in the center of the main wall. Do not push it on one side of the adjacent wall. That’s because, with this adjustment, you will be able to make the bed from both sides. Apart from that, there will be enough space to walk into the room effortlessly.

9) Customize the Furniture

a bed with a wooden headboard

A small bedroom can look desirable with compact yet lighter furniture. If you can live without a queen size bed then keep the idea at bay. That’s because getting a smaller size bed can provide some space for other stuff. You can opt for bed frames and nightstands for more area. Also, bookcases can be replaced with floating shelves for a well-organized settlement. A blend of relevant and small furniture is likely to make the small bedroom more spacious.

10) Keep it Open

rustic living room with brown armchairs

Besides space, a room should have enough light and air for better ventilation. When the area is enclosed, people may feel suffocated or smothered. Thus, no matter how you keep the outlet of the room, it should be well-ventilated and open. With this step, your room will be well-organized and settled.

To Sum Up

These were some of the ways by which you can organize a small bedroom easily. Summing up, make sure that it has a minimal arrangement and a simple layout. Besides, you can make space with other elements like nightstands, storage, vertical space, etc. For a touch of nature, emplacing plants can enhance the ambiance of the room. With these ideas, one can get a well-organized small bedroom. If you liked these ideas, make sure to check out our other reads too. For more interesting articles, keep your eyes glued to our page.

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