How To Effectively Decorate A Hallway

We often pay little mind to what our home’s hallway looks like. It’s easy to forget about this space, considering it usually serves no purpose beyond connecting the various rooms together. However, the looks of this particular space can actually have a great effect on the overall ambiance of the home. When not ignored, a hallway can truly make your home feel alive both to yourself, as well as anyone who visits it. Take the time to decorate this small area that at first may seem like a simple pass-through, and you can be rewarded with a home that feels much cosier and more welcoming. Here are a few tips on how to make your hallway stand out.

Many hallways have the problem of being too dark, as in many cases they don’t have access to windows and, consequently, daylight. In most cases, the only source of light is a single ceiling light that is far too little to make the space welcoming, so consider adding more lighting. Wall sconces, for example, can add a lot of warmth and light, substantially improving the looks of your hallway. Another trick you can use to get this outcome is paint your walls in light colours. Whether it’s paint or wallpaper doesn’t matter – make it bright and vivid!

Most hallways are dull simply because they are a long room with nothing interesting that can draw the eye. With this in mind, creating a focal point might be just what you need to spice up the looks of your hallway. You can do this by adding a picture at the opposite end of the hall, for example. Any space where there is no door is a good opportunity to place something that will create interest. Shelves, decorative items, and family photos will work just as well.

Finally, the main reason that most hallways are simply unremarkable is the lack of any decorative items. You can add a lot more life to your hallway if you do something as simple as putting a carpet on your floor. If your hallway is long, you might decide to put more than one. If your hallway is wide enough, a table is a perfect way to break it up and draw your attention. It also adds more functional space – put some photos on it or just drop your keys there after you get back from work!