How to choose the right TV stand for a small flat

How to choose the right TV stand for a small flat

It’s quite hard to imagine a contemporary home without a TV. Whether it’s for watching television, streaming online videos or playing video games, TVs have become a central piece for our living rooms. We gather around it with friends and family to enjoy the wonders of entertainment. But TVs need to be put on TV stands that can take up a lot of space. Here are a couple of TV stand solutions for small flats.

Incorporate your TV into existing furniture

A large TV can overwhelm a small interior, and adding a TV stand when you have so little space may make your living room look even smaller. One clever way to avert it is to make it a part of your wall by working it into your existing wall cabinet. By surrounding your TV by books and other decorations, you can not only save space by forgoing a stand altogether, but you’ll also make it harmoniously blend in with the rest of your wall!

Use a light design

The easiest way to make a small room overwhelmingly small is to use bulky furniture. No matter what size your TV is, you can always implement a light stand design to give your room some much needed breathing room. Stands with very light legs are a nice retro solution that is becoming popular again and is guaranteed to make your room feel lighter. Don’t be afraid to experiment with materials either – wicker TV stands may have a distinct look, but it works to their favour, and the incredibly lightweight structure makes for a perfect addition to a really small room.

Try new things

A TV stand doesn’t actually have to be a stand. Wall mounted solutions are now available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can conserve a lot of floor space by placing your TV on a special shelf mounted above it. Not only does it give you more space to place other furniture, but it also helps visually increase the size of your living room, and if you choose the right type of wall-mounted stand, it can very easily blend in with the rest of your decor, making for a very harmonious composition.