How to Choose the Best Desk for a Child
5 MIN READ   |   11 January 2022   |   Arthur Guzowski

How to Choose the Best Desk for a Child


Choosing a desk for a child is an incredibly important issue, especially for children who struggle with attention span. Focusing on one task when there are so many other, more interesting things to do can be a challenge. There’s no denying that a well-chosen desk, chair, and equipment can significantly increase children’s attention levels.

School-age children in the UK are not always motivated to learn. In fact, more often than not, they simply don’t see any point in it. After all, there are so many much more interesting toys to occupy themselves with. It’s your job as a parent to make sitting at a desk more interesting than it actually is. With good working conditions, your child will find it easier to focus and become more organised. Stay with us to learn more.

How to Choose a Desk That Suits Your Child’s Needs

There are a few technical elements you need to focus on when choosing a desk for your child. First of all, the size, the storage space, the location of the desk and a good choice of chair. We know, however, that you should also focus on your budget and if it’s a longtime investment or not. In simple words: for how long your child will be able to comfortably use their new desk.

Consider the Age of Your Child

a small boy in a pink blouse enjoying toys at the desk

Your child’s age should give you an indication of what kind of desk they need. Of course, you should also have a conversation with your child and ask them about their preferences. Such a conversation will definitely help you choose visual aspects such as the colour of the desk. A colorful desk would be perfect for a small, full of energy kid, who appreciates when there is a lot going on in their space.

A desk with a storage option will certainly come in handy for a younger child. Such a piece of furniture will be ideal for storing dozens of crayons, markers and paints. On the other hand, an older, teenage kid may require a different, larger desk. One that can accommodate a computer or laptop, mouse and other electronics. Consider that these types of items need to be regularly charged. Space for a plug source and cables will come in handy!


black gaming desk with led lights and a gaming chair

Some desks have a “grow with your child” feature. This is a very useful function, as obviously a desk used by a 7 year old will need to be lower than that of a 17 year old. But please pay attention to one thing. If you are buying a desk for a teenager you can already invest in a “grown up” desk that they will use even when they are in college. The only thing where adjustment is useful – is the adjustable chair. Teenagers are in an intense growth phase, but they are already big enough to sit at a normal-sized desk.

Storage Space

wooden office desk

Storage space will be appreciated by any small human whose crayons are scattered all over the room. A little artist will appreciate it when his or her art is properly organised. Children don’t mind chaos, but the earlier you teach them organisation, the easier it will be for them to find their way in the adult world, where there are more and more things that can turn to be overwhelming.

A desk with drawers under the top is therefore a great idea, but you can also increase the storage space if needed. This is where portable cabinets (which can be on wheels) come in handy, and you can add them under the desk whenever your child grows up or their preferences change. You can invest in the whole desk set which contains countless cupboards and shelves on which books can be placed.


a young boy in front of a computer

It’s best to place your desk where there is direct access to natural light – for example under a window. Natural light has a stimulating effect on the brain and in such conditions it is much easier to concentrate. What if the access to the window is limited, for example by a bed standing there? Then first of all try to place your desk against a wall which has a window, then some light will reach the desk top anyway. If this is not possible, you need to ensure good lighting. The desk lamp should not be too weak. It is important to be able to read without straining your eyes.


wooden office desk

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your child’s first desk. At this time, the most important thing is that it’s fairly sturdy and kid-proof if possible. If you choose a simple rectangular desk with legs and table top only, that’s fine too. Just make sure to protect the corners of the desk if they are not rounded. It’s also important that it’s easy to clean at this stage. However, if you are investing in a desk for an older child, e.g. a teenager, and you want it to last for many years, then quality should not be sacrificed just because of a low price.

Complementary Chair

white office desk with a black chair

Finally, it is worth moving on to the chair. When choosing a desk, it’s impossible to avoid this piece of equipment for a school-age child’s room. It’s worth buying both together to get the best fit.

As we mentioned, it is good if the chair is adjustable. A good chair is an irreplaceable companion to the perfect desk. But what does a good chair mean? The basic function is, of course, to adjust the chair vertically so that your kid can change the height of the seat. It is also worth putting a little extra money into making sure that your child’s chair is adjustable in its depth and that the backrest can also change its angle. Also pay attention to the forearm rests. They should not be too high and arms should be able to rest freely on them. Often gaming chairs are fully adjustable and prove to be the best option for a teenager’s room.


Choosing the perfect desk for your child depends on many factors that you need to consider. However, the most important one is the age of your child, as the size and functionality of the desk depends on it. With the above advice, you will definitely not forget any important aspect and end up buying the right desk for schoolwork. Good luck!

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