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How to Choose a Perfect Sofa for Your Living Room
5 MIN READ   |   10 December 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

How to Choose a Perfect Sofa for Your Living Room


Choosing a sofa for your living room? Well, set yourself up for an uneasy choice. A sofa is probably the hardest working piece of furniture at your home. It serves you well during family movie nights and cocktail parties with your friends. Bravely endures being messed with sticky drinks and crushed chips. Plus, it is supposed to be comfortable, sometimes not just for sitting, but also for sleeping, when your guests want to stay over.

Buying a sofa is a big investment, which requires a lot of research. And you should know that a sofa which is well-made should last generations. Even if you choose to test it hard.

We are here to tip you on how to choose a sofa that suits your interior, your family’s lifestyle well, and one that will also look great for years! Grab a seat and read on.

First, think about the function

big white corner sofa

L-shaped sofas fit even into small rooms

A sofa is a specific furniture purchase. It is because it can serve you in very different ways. So, you are either buying it to curl up there with a book, or to sit your guests on it during a coffee time. In the first case deep cushions would be great. But if you want to sit there comfortably with a coffee, a sofa that is too soft can turn out to be a somewhat wobbly foundation.

How do you discover your sofa’s function?

What you need to do is to envision yourself there first! How will you use this space really? Is your family that big to justify getting a huge L-shaped piece? A sofa is an anchor of the room, so imagine how it looks there, and then go on and realise your vision.

Choose the style that suits you

dark green velour corner sofa

… and the rest of your family. That is right, you are not the only one who is going to spend time on that couch. So, do not forget to ask your family members for an opinion. Try to opt for a style that resonates well with all of you. Close your eyes and think of a right sofa for you. Is it mid century sofa? Chesterfield sofa? Or maybe you do not care about the style, as long as this piece of furniture is made of leather?

In order to know what is your ‘thing’, you can play a game. Hand out cards to everyone and instruct them to write on them all the most important features of your new sofa:

  • what color it should be,
  • whether it is a modular sofa or two seater sofa, if it has long legs or not,
  • where exactly you want to place it,
  • and on what occasions it will be used most often.

This game is at the same time a kind a democratic choice. This way no member of the family feels left out. Of course, afterwards give yourself time to discuss and come up with arguments ‘for’ if your choices seem to be on very opposite ends. After all, you do not want a piece of furniture in your living room that is completely different from your vision!

Firm versus soft seat cushions

A brown leather armchair and sofa

You don’t have to know right away how to choose a perfect sofa. Usually, leather sofas are the firmer ones. Which is good if you want your sofa to wear and tear a little better. When going for softness – choose a sofa with plush cushion. It invites people to relax and it feels comfortable just by watching it.

Firmness and softness are dependent on many things. Therefore, there are a few things to pay attention to: sofa depth, back cushions, and an overall sofa shape. These are all determinants that contribute to the final impression this piece of furniture will make on you. Its natural creases should be pleasant to watch, but also pleasant to sit on. Hence, when choosing your dream sofa try to look at it from many angles. That is why it is always a good idea to visit the showroom if you can.

High or low back sofas?

a blue and white big corner sofa with light-blue pillows

Any three seater sofa or modular one will be great for a big family. When choosing a sofa consider a seat height as it is crucial for the right back support. Some manufacturers offer models of modular sofas with different backrest heights. This can be a solution suitable for a very diverse family where everyone requires something different. With modular sofas, you are able to design your living space in a flexible way. Larger rooms love the company of modular sofas because you can effectively fill the space with them.


Your living room is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces in your home. Therefore, it is crucial to set up a sofa in your living room that performs multiple functions at once. Your new sofa has to easily point to the focal point of the room. It should allow you to host as many guests as you wish. And, most importantly, it should offer you great comfort.

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