How to arrange a stylish living room? See five interesting ideas!

1. Classic and elegant

The timeless elegance in the living room is a style that never gets boring, however, it requires considerable expenditure at the beginning. In order for stylish furniture and decorative elements to accompany you for years and please the eye for a long time with their sophisticated form and high-quality finish, go shopping at SENA online shop. There you can find classic and comfortable seating sets, preferably in subdued, neutral colours or leather, as well as elegant lamps. The function of accessories in such a room is played by patterned wallpaper on the wall, cushions with sophisticated patterns, as well as a carpet or mirrors in ornamented frames.

Mirror set

AMBER cabinet

SENA mirrors

2. Scandinavian style

Do you like the Scandinavian style, but you are afraid that the white-painted living room will be boring? It doesn’t have to be this way! A bold colour of the accessories is a perfect complement to the arrangement of the living room straight from the North, as well as the energy support for those who, in addition to the light in the interior design, need also cheerful colours. Since white perfectly matches all other colours, it is allowed to combine it in the living room with several different colours of a vibrant shade. 

MAG – large solid wood and lacquered sideboard and SCANDI 3 seater scandinavian style sofa

3. English style

Pastels bring the charm of retro styling into the living room, as does an armchair with the footstool, often used in interiors decorated in the English style. This arrangement – necessarily rich in whitewashed fabrics covering the windows,sofasand floor, as well as light, bright furniture – symbolizes a warmandcosy home.

4. Minimalism

Fans of minimalism will fall in love with furniture of simple shape, subdued colours and excellent order. Because the living room is a showcase of the entire house, it is worth arranging it in a representative way. Naturally, the design of the living room should refer to the style of the entire apartment, but nothing prevents us from slightly breaking with the convention applied in other rooms.

CENTRAL bespoke luxury TV stand

5. Bold and creative

Home trend hunters cannot imagine a living room without stylish accessories and bold compositions – the glamour style has been tailored to them, in which crystals along with soft velour fabrics create an exceptionally sensual blend, and black is mixed with pink and grey in sophisticated colour combinations.

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