Hanging wall cabinets

With wall cabinets, you can conserve space in your house by adding a place to store any items above the floor. They’re also a great way to display objects if that’s what you want to achieve.

However, in general wall cabinets are pretty heavy and in addition to that they need to be able to support even more weight. Needless to say, properly hanging your wall cabinets is incredibly important. You don’t need any specialist knowledge to achieve that, however. Here are a couple of handy tips that will help you get your cabinets up properly.

First of all, you need to plan what space you will use for your cabinet. Use a to-scale floor plan drawing to plot out where your wall cabinets will go. Make sure your floor is level before you go any further. After that, measure a mark 54 inches from the floor. If your floor isn’t level, measure from the highest spot. Then, draw a horizontal line at the mark you just made 0 use a level for this, as this line needs to be level even if your floor isn’t. 

The next thing you should do is find out the location of wall studs with a stud finder and mark them along with the horizontal line you just made. Now take a ledger board and secure it along the hanging line you marked before. This is an important step as this board will support your cabinets during the installation process. This is where the stud locations come in – use them to screw the ledger board into the wall.

Now is the time to actually hang your cabinets! Make sure you’ve removed all doors, handles, and knobs from them, so that you can handle the lightest possible load at a time. Try to clamp together as many cabinets as you can safely lift. This way you can get more work done at a faster time.

Connect the cabinets and pre-drill, and later screw together all adjoining cabinets in 4 places – two on the top, two on the bottom on the far right and far left sides. Rest them on the ledger board to make sure they’re level and then proceed to screw them into the wall studs. After you’ve checked if the cabinets are level after screwing them in, repeat the process with the rest until you’ve installed all of them. After this, remove the ledger board, and you’re done!

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