Now that you’ve located the source, it’s time to get to repairing

The first thing you’ll want to try doing is tightening all the metal fasteners. Tightening the bolts might be just the thing your bed needs to stop making noise.

If you don’t know which joint is the cause of your problem, you can try tightening all of them. If that fails, it’s time to try and take your bed apart and lubricate it in the squeaking areas.

Check if there aren’t any balance problems – if this is your problem, a good solution could be to remove the centre standout from your frame and then add another type of support. Adding cork cushioning between frame elements can also help with the noise by a large amount.

When reassembling the frame, try to layer towels, t-shirts – any soft material you won’t be using between the frame and the box spring. This way, your box spring will no longer shift too much in the frame, preventing squeaking in the future.