Creative Girl’s Bedroom Ideas and Hacks
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Creative Girl’s Bedroom Ideas and Hacks


Making a girl’s room be everything she needs doesn’t need to be impossible, even on a small budget. Your goal is to make development and learning hassle-free and to provide a safe space for a child to grow into adulthood. If that sounds like a tall order, you’re right. But with a little creativity and science to help, using our girl’s bedroom ideas and hacks should be a fun experience!

A little girl changes into a big girl, then into a tween and eventually into a teen and very shortly into a young woman. All of these stages include new and evolving bedroom ideas, developing different tastes and eventually, you’re probably going to be taken out of this decision-making design adventure altogether.

Before they take over, continue reading for some great ideas you can use to create the perfect room for a small girl or a teen:

Artwork Wall

There are many different ways to mount artwork, and you don’t have to go on full-on gallery style – with nails, frames, and the National Gallery treatment.

children's hands stained with paint

  • Magnet wall for artwork
  • Large corkboard
  • Painted magnetic chalkboard wall

The stores don’t always have unique artwork that will match your daughter’s interest, but keep in mind that there are websites where you can browse custom artwork and photography and have them printed out. An excellent idea for a girl’s bedroom is to really go big and make a photo wall-paper that takes up the whole entire wall. This is a great idea when you’re designing any bedroom – even your own. Photo wallpapers have a tendency to completely change the atmosphere in a room, whether they transport you to a pirate ship in a kids room, or a forest-scape in a teenager’s room (just to make them a bit calmer!)

Desk – the Most Important Piece of Furniture

A desk in any girl’s bedroom needs to be one of the biggest focal points. There is nothing that kills creativity more than not having a space to work. This needs to be a large space – big enough for a computer and homework, but also for art projects, experiments with make-up, and a science project volcano. Sadly, a lot of interior decor magazines can be a bit tone-deaf when it comes to girls bedroom ideas and workspace.

girl leaning over a MacBook

What type of desk should you get and at what age should your daughter be when you start thinking about it?

This depends on what your daughter’s goals are: do you want her to be able to do homework or just have a pretty place to store things? If you want her to have a place to do homework, you need a surface that can fit a laptop and a slot for papers and folders. If your daughter is planning to work from home while attending college, this becomes even more important. But if you’re just trying to make the room look pretty, a smaller table would suffice. Make sure it’s sturdy enough that she won’t be able to push it over, and that it fits with the decor.

If the room doesn’t have a large enough table for the desk, you can always add a desk to the wall. A cube bookcase is an affordable option and it allows you to add storage for binders and office supplies.

A Space Designed for Self-Care

There needs to be a place where every girl can relax and take care of herself – whether it’s a box of exercise equipment or a mirror on her desk with a little drawer for age-appropriate makeup and hair products.  This place is not to be confused with the bathroom, where every girl will be expected to take a shower or bath every day.  This space should provide for every girl’s individual needs and be stocked with products and supplies that will help her take care of herself and get ready for the day.  This is one small way in which each girl can express her own personal style.

Girls need a quiet place to go to relax and do their own thing.  If she finds doing homework or studying for an exam therapeutic, she should be allowed to do that.  Also, if she chooses to read a book or play video games, she should be allowed to do that.  If she wants to paint her nails, she should be allowed to do that.  This space will allow every girl to relax and recharge.

A Hiding Space

grey tepee tent for children

For younger kids, a place where they can hide – or a “secret base” is probably one of the biggest dreams come true. How do you go about building one? Of course, putting a playhouse in a large bedroom is simpler than trying to fit it into the layout of a smaller room.

A little private hiding space is great for a bedroom that’s shared by multiple siblings. This is why bunk beds are so great – they can provide little nooks of privacy, even if the bedroom isn’t too private. A lot of parents opt for two bedrooms, with two separate nooks underneath. This is one of the best bedroom ideas for siblings, unless you have another good way of dividing the space.

Colour Schemes – Not Just Pink Anymore

When it comes to decorating girls’ bedrooms there are some stunning colour schemes that you can use.

These can be used on the walls of the room, and also on the curtains and bedding, and other accents whether it be a duvet, rug or curtains.

Any girl’s bedroom will be in need of some interior design rethinking at least a few times during her “residency” – so it’s good to keep the colour scheme open to interpretation – don’t just concentrate on all one colour, even if it’s her “absolute favourite”. It’s good to leave yourself open to decorating ideas further down the line – the more permanent pieces of furniture like the bed frame should be pretty neutral (like natural wood or old fashioned black metal), so they can survive the changes in tastes from pink to green to purple.

Choosing an Age-Appropriate Theme for a Young Lady’s Room

If you’re confused about “kids these days”, or if you’re just looking for inspiration, here are some of the most popular themes for girls’ bedroom designs right now:

0 to 4 years:

This is a great age when you can put everything you like into a bedroom and they won’t complain too much – this is “you” time, whether you’re doing it only for yourself but also a bit “for the gram”.

  • Frilly embellishments, like over-the-top, large mobiles and chandeliers
  • Everything in Pink (they might start hating the colour later, and if you want to get your pink fix in, now is the time)
  • Non-pink neutral colours (some non-pink girls develop a deep affinity for pink later on in life)
  • Large wall stickers – whether only for a splash of colour, or ones with magical creatures, landscapes, or animals.
  • Momma reading chair – from a feeding chair to a reading chair, this is the “mum” station in any little girl’s room – go for big, comfy and colourful, bright patterns! This might be one of those first special memories.

5 to 8 years:

  • Matching bed sheets and duvet cover – they’ll love having all the same “special” items as you (if you’re a twin mum!)
  • Bedroom make-up station – every little girl wants to feel special in her own room.
  • Photo frames for your own photos, and maybe some magazine cut-outs and stickers of favourite singers, actors, and movie stars.
  • Miniature collections – whether it’s dolls, teddies, animals, cars, or even flowers. Little girls love to organize all their stuff.
  • Hearts and butterflies – there are so many cute pieces of furniture that come in a heart and/or butterfly shape.

8+ years:

  • Wall decals – from just one quote, to big, bold, colourful, customised vinyl decals, stylised letters, clouds and rainbows.
  • Mermaid and dragon themes – the “girls are always into princesses” aesthetic can be a bit dull sometimes – but it’s the “contemporary celestial princess” style that’s going to be big!
  • Wizard and witch themes.
  • Some girls like having a bigger bed than their mum’s, especially if her room is pretty much her only personal space.
  • This is the time when most girls get competitive in school, so a whiteboard with her schedule won’t hurt – or any place to help organize her daily routine and keep track of tasks is probably one of the most practical and helpful bedroom ideas.

12 years and onwards:

Older girls might want to have a look at our Teenage Girl Rooms section for more ideas. All teenage girls have huge personalities, too complicated to fit into one sub-section!

Putting Passions on Display – Celebrate Hobbies, Vacations, Goal Achievement

A girl in a pink dress holding a book

Create a prominent space to display hobbies like competitive sports, participating in plays, contests, art classes, or horseback riding. You can also hang a beautiful wooden bookshelf on the wall for your girl’s favorite books.

Making a special space for all of these things will ground your daughter and make her remember what she cares about – her successes and passions. This is such an incredible motivator for further development that maybe you should try to do something like this for yourself?

Making Space for Pets

 little girl touches the glass of a large aquarium in an oceanarium

A lot of girls learn responsibility by taking care of a special pet. Unlike a dog or a cat who is a member of the family and everyone pitches in, a small personal pet needs a place of honour in a girl’s bedroom. Make sure she has easy access to the cage, aquarium, or terrarium for both playtime and cleaning chores.

  • Fish
  • Rabbits
  • Reptiles
  • Chinchillas, Rats and Other Rodents

Organising Tips

When organising your daughter’s bedroom, keep the following in mind:

Your daughter needs a place to put her clothes away, especially her best clothes. A clothes rack or a shelf with pegs on the wall is ideal. Keep her clothes away from her pets and her toys.

A good wardrobe is a useful investment — preferably one that comes in one piece and easily fits into the bedroom. Wall-mounted wardrobes free up floor space. In case you have to buy a free-standing wardrobe, make sure that it has the space to open and close. You can get a wardrobe with a sliding door if there isn’t enough space.

Play areas are really important for girls. Apart from her bedroom, she will want to have a separate place where she can play with her toys and make things. The crucial thing is to have a “home” for every piece of “stuff” that she owns. You can never be organized when there are things that don’t have their own designated place just floating around.

Keeping a bedroom tidy is an important skill – from the youngest age. Here are some hacks that make it easier to learn:

  • Easy to access garbage bin
  • A proper place for everything
  • A good place for dirty laundry

Having everything within arm’s reach – even for smaller children. The important part, especially in their own bedroom is to be able to access everything themselves without grown-up help.


Having your own bedroom is a great way to learn responsibility, whether your child has a room to themselves or shares it with a sibling. Decorating it and exploring different creative bedroom ideas overtime makes growing up and learning fun. It also creates an important sanctuary for any child or teenager.

As kids grow older they will have their own bedroom ideas, and a chance to show off their personality and style. Make sure they have a great foundation for this – a well-lit space to study, privacy, and a place to put away and organize everything that they have.

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