Coffee tables

Imagine that you are an Interior Designer. Along with your new work position the first job is coming in. Tomorrow at 9am you are booked to visit your own house and speak to your role model that will be seeking advice from you on the new design of your living room.

It may happen that this will be a project of your life, something you will give your heart to.

Your role model is the person whose advise you listen to most. Pick up carefully this person now, he/she can be a leader you know, your Dad, your Grandma, the person that you respect most in your life and take an example of. Whoever it is, you know how much this person means to you. Ready to go ahead? Great!

What most people do, they tend to choose their clothes in the morning, however not you. Open your wardrobe and choose the best outfit for this visit. Remember about shoes. Select a pair that builds your image. Your authority has booked day off work to seek advice from Professional like you knowing you are one of the best Professionals. You have to look stunning!

Your day has come. As you are getting up, think about how would you like this day to be. Feel that excitement! Like something big is about to happen. You may want to have a short walk after having your morning tea or coffee, you may choose to listen to your favorite song or you may go for a nice relaxing shower. Prefer bath? Have a bath then. Once you are ready take a quick look in a mirror, check on hair, check on outfit, exercise your posture and give yourself a nice huge smile. I hope you have already chosen your favorite car, if not pick one now from the car park full of makes you like and enjoy the ride in a sunshine. Nice?

As you park your car you see your authority walking towards you to welcome you outside the property which you own. Huge smile coming straight from his/her heart and warm, at the same time strong hug. If you wish to ask for more, add it to your own scenario now.

Simply choose direction to your living room, whilst chatting to your role model. Look around and stop!

What is your first impression? Anything need changing? In your opinion what could add more value to this room. It could be that there is particular piece of furniture you would like to change or it may be that you wish to change the whole interior. You are an expert here.

An example might be a wall set. Right here, in front of your customer, your authority open your Ipad. With the intention of choosing most suitable one, go to and pick one from the range. Look at the ‘PRIMO’ collection, a crisp and sharp contemporary with a choice of high gloss colors or choose an elegance lacquered to a high gloss or finished in matt, which comes from Cube range Whilst choosing a wall set, pay attention what values most to your customer.

Can we move on? The next choice that your role model can be seeking advice on is sofa. In order to offer your best idea, go now to Choosing between Leather and Mix of Fabrics, allowing the most convenient size, think for a moment, follow your intuition and pick one perfectly matching your wall set now. Great!

Look at the face of your authority, does he/she like your choice? If so, you now have a time to think about what could add a bit more value to the look of this interior and before we take the next step, that involves choosing a coffee table, add the extra bits you wish to have there. A great example that you may want to add to your project is the highest quality Elegante II luxury chest of drawers: our bespoke designer collection. At the same time it can be matched with an Elegante highboard: to fulfill your space with a completely modern look. If you customer asks you for a beautiful mirror to go above your sideboard, mirrors are available upon request. Sculptures are also available. Once offer received, pick some with respect to spiritual state of your customer.

You are nearly done! Here is the most important task. You are about to choose a coffee table for your authority. Now, think of what taste does he/she has regarding these products. Look at your project so far. As you enter the bookmark: you notice a wide range of sizes and as you see the overall listing you cannot miss on countless range of finishes. Going through high gloss lacquer, solid wood, natural veneers, stainless steel and other remember this design supposed to impress your loved ones. You want your visitors to make comments about it, to be wanting same design! Whenever you get stuck, ask your authority about his/her favorite design. Don’t forget that this most important piece, needs to be well integrated into other pieces. Ready, steady, go, try to pick up your best design now and if you need a little bit more time, have a chat with your customer and decide then.

Your project is now completed dear Interior Designer. How do you feel about it? Look at the face expression of your authority. What kind of emotions are there? Do you see a happiness on his/her face? You better do, otherwise you need to start again right from the beginning Take additional time to think if it needs anything else and fit it, if so. Enjoy the glow coming out of your living space. You have done a great piece of designers work, didn’t you?

Grab your authority’s hand and quickly look for the mirror in your house. Encourage him/her to move towards the mirror without looking at it. You can see him/her but you can no longer see yourself. Quietly ask him/her to look in the mirror, the person in the mirror is YOU…