Choosing the Prettiest Furniture for a White Living Room

white sofa and wooden brown armchairs

Choosing a colour palette to your living room is an important task. But if you have chosen white as the base of it – you have endless opportunities to arrange the living space in an elegant way! Of course your new furniture does not have to be entirely white. It is good to search for pieces of furniture with accents of another colour, and to break the white pattern with some interesting accessories. 


Every home interior designer knows that furniture is not just a bunch of utilitarian objects, but also important design elements that create the atmosphere of a place and determine whether you feel good or bad in a given space. That is wxhy it is so crucial to pick furniture right. After all, you will live with them for a couple of years!


In this article you will learn more about the prettiest furniture you can have in your living room. You will know how to adjust the furniture to your home style, and where to put them, so they look amazing. Let us start this interior design journey.


Eco-Leather in a White Living Room

leather sofas in a white living room


Some can say that hefty leather sofas and armchairs would certainly overpower the room. And they could be right under one condition – the room is small, and painted any other colour than white. Yes, small rooms are not ideal for being cluttered with heavy furniture. But the situation changes dramatically when we plan such an arrangement in a room with a high ceiling and bright white walls. Then the leather furniture grounds the space beautifully and ensures that the living room doesn’t lack a good, strong base.


The abundance of white decor makes every living room feel big and airy. That is why you should go bold with choosing a bit heavier pieces of furniture – they will not do any harm. Just the opposite – they will bring the desired touch of style. Just make sure you choose furniture made from ecological leather. After all, no animal has to die so that you can surround yourself with beautiful things. Well, the truth is that the most beautiful things are created without suffering!:)


White Goes Well With Gold

gold coffee table


Oh, that is the most elegant and sophisticated combination ever! Gold and white are like sisters who really enjoy each other’s company. Let us assume that your room is painted in all whites, and even your big corner sofa is white. What can you do to liven up such interior design? You need to choose an accessory that, firstly, plays well with white and, secondly, does not disappear in its shine. Something that shines even brighter. This is, of course, gold!


All gold accessories and small furniture are welcome. The most beautiful are the meticulously designed coffee tables, which, apart from having delightful and unconventional shapes, also have a very important function. With a centrally placed coffee table, any afternoon coffee with a friend will turn out nicely and naturally.


It Is All About the Texture!

a kid on a white sofa


What’s best about choosing white furniture is that you can pick one colour, and play with texture. Colour is a strong visual impulse that immediately knocks into our perception of a room. But notice that this perception doesn’t last long. What really has power and what makes you feel good about a place where you spend more than a few hours – is the texture of the materials you touch. 


The sense of touch is unusual, unlike the others of the senses – it is not located in the head, but covers our whole body. This is hugely important because we actually touch our living room more than we see it. Imagine watching a film in the evening. Your sight is occupied with the interesting images on the screen, your hearing is focused on the dialogues and your skin is in contact with your comfortable sofa. All the time. That’s why it’s so important to spend more time touching the objects that are supposed to adorn our home. It is worth visiting a professional furniture shop for this purpose, so that you have the opportunity ‘to get to know’ the item before it arrives at your home.


Nature and White

white sofa and wooden brown armchairs


If your living room has a beautiful dark wood floor as the main design element, it’s a great base for creating a white design! A dark floor is a good backdrop for white or beige rugs. These additions will emphasise its deep colour. Also, any natural elements like a wooden floor, wooden ceiling beams or linen upholstery on cushions go well with an ‘all white living room’.


A carpet can also be made from natural and sustainable materials such as linen or jute. In that case, it will have more of a beige colour and will go well with those snow-white walls. This will add warmth to cold and minimalistic rooms.




White spaces are incredibly charming. What we like most about them is that you don’t need complicated interior design plans to design a room with class on your own. Whites defend themselves and it’s hard to spoil the final effect when you follow simple rules such as for example ‘less is more’. Remember that just one crazy accessory can liven up a space that’s too bland. And when choosing white furniture, especially upholstered ones, pay attention to the texture of the material they are made from. Sometimes it’s not the colour but the pleasant material that gives us that “at home” feeling. With this last thought we wish you to enjoy arranging your white living space!