Childproofing a bedroom made easy

It may seem redundant that children have vastly different needs than functioning adults do, but that’s actually very easy to forget when it comes to preparing your home for a child. Childproofing the bedroom is one of the most important steps in that regard. Considering the fact that children spend the majority of their unsupervised time in the bedroom, failing to properly prepare it for that can lead to very serious consequences. In order to make sure the bedroom is free from all hazards to a child, follow this simple guide and find out just how easy childproofing your bedroom can be.

The most important thing you need to worry about is accidents in the bedroom. By properly implementing specific objects, you can prevent many bedroom accidents and keep your child safe. For example, make sure you use cordless window coverings, so blinds, shades, and curtains that are raised by pull-cords are a no-go as they can easily get wrapped around a baby’s neck. Instead, consider honeycomb-style blinds that will not only be safer for your child but also provide your home with better insulation. Speaking of windows – make sure you use window guards or safety netting. This can help you prevent the child from opening a window by itself or falling out when the window has been opened before. Aside from windows, you want to pay close attention to all electrical outlets and cover them with protective plates to avoid any injuries involving electricity.

Those precautions can help prevent the most dire accidents your child can be subject to, but there’s also a number of smaller accidents you can prevent by using your own creativity and things at your disposal. Door guards, for example, can keep rooms that you don’t want your child to enter completely safe from them, while an improvised door guard made from a washcloth or carpet can do the job just as well.

Finally, the main reason that most hallways are simply unremarkable is the lack of any decorative items. You can add a lot more life to your hallway if you do something as simple as putting a carpet on your floor. If your hallway is long, you might decide to put more than one. If your hallway is wide enough, a table is a perfect way to break it up and draw your attention. It also adds more functional space – put some photos on it or just drop your keys there after you get back from work!