Black wood finishes

New style!

With contemporary interior solutions, we are no longer confined to one particular pallet of colours to make our homes look great. Most furniture may still come in white colours, meaning most interiors will let them fit in well, but don’t be afraid to experiment! You’d be surprised at how great black wood could turn out for you.

Good style!

Black wood is a surprisingly simple way through which you can achieve a very dramatic, contemporary quality in your own home. Serving as a nice contrast to a light-coloured interior, black wooden furniture add that eye-catching element that adds elegance and a dash of otherworldliness. But how exactly can you achieve this effect?

How to check if they fit? 

First of all, when planning to use black wood finish, use samples on small areas to make sure the look actually fits into your home. Black stains are most frequently used on wooden beams, wood flooring, and barns, but this style is now spreading into other pieces of wood, thanks to the gentles veneer available on the market. You can find just the right texture that will fit your flat, just remember to use a sample first.

Depending on the type of furniture you’re going to coat, you might want to use different types of varnish. With an interior varnish, you can breathe a new life into your kitchen cupboards and other types of interior furniture, such as picture frames. Use black coloured varnish instead of oil to create a unique, elegant, opaque look. The chemical structure of the varnish causes little odour and is very easy to apply with a brush or roller.

The future of the design! 

Black wood finish is also a great choice for your exteriors. A deep black shed juxtaposed with the lush green of the countryside can make for a truly dramatic picture in the best way you could imagine. For exteriors, both opaque and translucent finishes will do the job. Some exterior varnishes work better when double-coated, so pay attention to what your manufacturer’s instructions say about that.