Bespoke sideboards

Compliment your lounge, living room or any other space you see fit with handcrafted pieces designed in order to satisfy the demands of people with the most exquisite taste. Bespoke sideboards are manufactured by experienced craftsmen with respect to the best standards and known Italian quality. As a result, their modern design is perfected in every detail and glamorously fits in with every, even sophisticated interiors.

Modern forms and artistic freedom

The designers of bespoke sideboards have set their imagination free, which resulted in a real festival of forms. From simple, minimalist lines, through gentle arches up to the most extraordinary ideas, each piece of furniture has its unique character and original vibe, which translates into distinct atmosphere of the space.

You are no longer limited by traditional forms and ideas popular in previous decades. You now have almost limitless possibilities to furnish your interior in the way you believe is the best and will give you the comfort you seek.

Functionality at its best

Contemporary forms, even the most unusual ones, tend to hide surprisingly functional solutions. The drawers and other elements of these bespoke sideboards were carefully planned in order to contain as much accessories as possible, while ensuring you have free access to them at all times.

High gloss finishes

Designers and manufacturers of modern furniture have lately take interest in high gloss finishes and have developed a wide range of projects based on that exact aesthetic solutions. However, that does not mean that calmer, less distinctive matt finishes are completely gone. You simply have a wider choice of both, which increases your possibilities in the area of interior design.

You will be surprised how differently each high gloss piece presents itself with different forms, colours or lights. Experiment a little to find the perfect combination of form, colour and finish of your bespoke sideboard.

Colouristic diversity

Most luxury furniture oscillates around calmer and colder colours, such as white, gray, black and their different shades. However, the designers of bespoke sideboards quite often test new solutions in order to widen the range of possibilities even further. The result is again stunning. You get elegant wooden finishes, picturesque green or blue fronts as well as energetic, lively oranges and reds and other colours from RAL palette.

What is more, you can individually choose other shades and colours. Just give us a call or write us and we will answer immediately.

Tradition in solidity

Probably the most traditional and old-fashioned element of these bespoke sideboards is their solidity. They are crafted from thick, durable laminated board and MDF, which ensures the furniture will serve for years to come. Moreover, every paint, lacquer and other material and accessory used is carefully selected in order to guarantee durable finish and perfect look even when intensively used.

Naturally, every piece of furniture is different and might require a bit different approach. Which is why you can always contact us and check whether we have the possibility to create for you a completely unorthodox item.

The freedom of design is also represented by great diversity in dimensions of furniture. From tiny items, functioning more as decorative elements, to sizeable and much more practical bespoke sideboards, the product range includes it all. You will not clutter your space with elements, which barely fit in the interior. You can pick the exact dimensions you need and get the exact style and look you were aiming for in the first place.

Complete the project with additional items

Though custom, they are usually a part of larger project or line of furniture, which gives you a chance to create harmonious space in every detail. Bespoke sideboards also come with highboards, dining tables, display cabinets and other items used to comprehensively furnish and design your interiors according to the style you have chosen. In combination with rich choice of colours, types of finishes and custom solutions, the interior can now really reflect your personality and individual style.


Depending on the items you have selected, they will be delivered to you in the shortest possible time within 4 to 7 weeks. They are already assembled, glued and bolted so that you do not have to worry about putting it together. What is more, you can hire our professional fitting team to help you with any additional assembly and work you require.

You can be sure that your bespoke sideboard is safe during the transport, as our team personally secures and delivers them to any destination in the UK.

Create your own space

With such vast choice of bespoke sideboards you can really be imaginative and shape the interiors in the desired way. Traditionally solid and durable materials are mixed with modern lines, forms and diversity of colours, which results in an amazing selection of quality furniture for your home. Be inspired, be creative and take the unique opportunity to express yourself and show your designing side.