Bedroom Layout Ideas to Maximise Your Comfort

a night table next to the bed with white bedding and a wooden headrest

It seems that other rooms in a house get a lot more attention than the bedroom. We tend to obsessively arrange (and re-arrange, and re-re-arrange) the house plan designs for the rest of our house while we leave out bedrooms. This is probably because we think these rooms are less likely to be seen by anyone. Plus, you don’t really spend a lot of time in it throughout the day, and the primary activity that takes place here is (you guessed it) sleep. If you share the same opinion and you have been neglecting your bedroom for the same reason, let us tell you, the time has come! Changes are in order, and it’s your bedroom’s turn to get refreshed.


You don’t have to revamp your room if you are not ready completely. Even the smallest of changes will enhance your bedroom’s charm and make the place all the more enjoyable, even if it’s “just” for sleep. In fact, people who want to optimise their sleep cycles, mood, and the quality of their sleep, in general, take up the well-known strategy of having their bedroom designed better. And don’t worry if you have no bedroom ideas in your head at the moment. We are here to give you some excellent ones that fit any room. Small or big, wide or long, these clever bedroom layouts will give you plenty to think about.


The Feng Shui Bedroom Layout Ideas


a green coffee cup and white bedding in the background


This ancient form of design and finding balance might be more mainstream than you think. One of the key aspects of arranging your bedroom with Feng Shui is to keep the energy in your room balanced and centered.


Here are some of the principles of Feng Shui:


The ideal way to set up the bed with its bed frame is so that it’s facing the East – if you have East-facing windows, that is. The end of the bed should be facing the West. The idea is to catch the first rays of light as they come in without having the bedroom furniture blocking the light. This bedroom idea is one of the favourites when it comes to renovating your bedroom because it places emphasis on following natural rhythms in your sleep cycle. At least making your bedroom designed to meld with them.


If your bed is placed in the centre of the room and it has a big bed frame, you run the risk of creating stagnant energy in your bedroom. The best place for bedroom furniture such as dressers, armoires, nightstands, or night tables is around the perimeter of the room. This is where you will find the most positive energy force. If you have a small area, then think about getting hideaway furniture – like a futon that folds into a couch or a bed without a bed frame that can fold into a wall.


A fold-away desk is also a good idea if you’re trying not to clutter a smaller room. You don’t want to have your room so full of bedroom furniture that you can’t move around easily – an easy mistake to make if you’re trying to manage a small space. Especially if you’ll be using your bedroom as a home office too. One important rule of Feng Shui (and decluttering) is to make sure your door can open at least at a 90-degree angle, with no stuff blocking the way. This means that you are able to let more opportunities into your life. This is especially true of the front door, but also your bedroom door.


Life-Work Balance Bedroom Ideas – Fitting Your Office Into Your Bedroom


a raw wooden desk with a MacBook on it


Nowadays, a lot of us are working from home. On the one hand, that is time-saving and brings many other benefits, but the biggest problem people encounter is the lack of bedroom layout ideas for the place they work from. Some squeeze in their home office in their living room, some in the dining room, or most commonly in the bedroom. If you are in the last group, here are some bedroom ideas on how to fit the two living spaces into one. Firstly, it’s important to try to keep work and rest separately. There is nothing worse than working from bed and never actually getting up. Here are some core principles on how to achieve this.


How can the bedroom layout fix your work/rest balance?


Make your desk be away from your bed – and if possible, have a “closing” option to separate the two. You can hide many desks away. For instance, you can fold them into the wall and then fold them back. Or simply a table that is foldable and can lean on the wall when not in use. Additionally, your layout plan should divide your bedroom into small work/sleep subsections. Don’t mix the two areas if your room allows it. This will create an opportunity to rest from work, even if you have a small bedroom.


Handy Bedroom Layout Guide Depending on Room Size


Regardless of the size of your bedroom, you can still achieve the illusion of a bigger room from the way you arrange the furniture and the colours you use. A small bedroom should not be feared in any case because you can always pick the decor to match your needs and make your space into a sanctuary.


Small Bedroom Layout


a white bed with a black headrest


To make your small bedroom appear larger and feel as if you have more space, you should place the furniture along the walls instead of centering the furniture in the room.


Here are some additional tricks that will help save space in a small bedroom.

  • Use wall-mounted shelves instead of big bookshelves to save on surface space.
  • Get sconces instead of floor lamps because these give you more space for walking around and look minimalistic.
  • Opt for a built-in instead of a large bulky closet or a dressing table. This way, you are creating the illusion of a more neat, clean floor plan all throughout.
  • Try to leave as much space as you can in the middle – this will also give an illusion of more space without taking away any room furniture unnecessarily.
  • Having as little open storage as possible will also add to the minimalistic design. Don’t store knickknacks and home decor on the shelves – try to separate everything into decorative boxes. It will not only keep your things dust-free but give the impression of clean lines.
  • Whatever else needs to be stored away, you can always use the space in or under your bed.


Bedroom Ideas for Medium-Sized Spaces


opened double bed with storage


Medium-sized bedrooms are great for more than one purpose. Like with the small bedroom decor, it’s important to remember not to overcrowd your space. Having a bigger room than just a basic small space means that you can have “luxuries” like a formal dressing table or a side chair and a designer side table with enough room for a table lamp, some books, and storage options. However, don’t go using up the last inch of free space just because you can. Leaving some corners in the bedroom free of clutter will create airflow and give the impression that your bedroom is even larger.


Bedroom Layout for Large Bedrooms


a large white bedroom with a wardrobe and a white double bed with violet blanket


When designing a large bedroom, you can be more creative and try to fill the room with as much furniture as possible. You can build a wall of furniture with closets or dressers. Also with a dressing table, a desk and afford a large mirror. The most important thing when designing a large bedroom is to place a dresser across from the doorway. This will give you balance in the room. Also, it will also help to add extra storage for all your clothes. When it comes to large bedrooms, you can use the space in your room. This is going to create an illusion of more space. For example, you should place your bed towards the back and place a long dresser in front of it. This will create the illusion of having more space since the dresser will be longer than your bed.


It is also a good idea to place a bedside table with drawers or a chest of drawers on each side of the bed. You can use one side of the dresser as a place to put your alarm clock and light, and use the other side for storing different things such as books or anything else you might need in your bedroom.

Common Bedroom Layout Tricks for All Bedrooms


peaceful place to lay your head


The key is to make the furniture in your bedroom feel intentional and really make the most out of every inch of space. From using every corner of your room to adding extra storage to your bedroom, here are some bedroom design ideas to help you create a layout that is best suited for you.


Bedroom Ideas for Furniture Placement


To maximise space, place your dresser across from your doorway. This will create balance in the room and give you extra storage space for all of your clothes.


Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas – A Sanctuary for Two


a bed with a wooden headboard


When you’re living with a partner, it can sometimes be challenging to fit two personalities into one room. A room that’s supposed to be a place of rest for the both of you. The secret is discussing things ahead of time and making compromises. But as far as layout is concerned, remember that now you need to fit as many things into a single space. You need to double the closet space, double the bed space, and the same goes for everything.


Following a “centre” layout is common for master bedrooms because it’s symmetrical. Symmetry reflects the duality of a relationship best – it allows us to double space in an aesthetically pleasing way. This is the layout style that shows in no uncertain terms that everything is “equal.” A centre layout usually puts the largest piece of furniture as a focal point. The bed takes centre stage, and a bedroom table or a nightstand and bedside table lamps are placed on both sides.


Bedroom Layout Ideas For Luxury Homes


a white and blue wardrobe behind a bed


If you look at luxury homes and their bedroom layouts, there are three tricks you can incorporate into your own home:


  • The first trick is to have the bed in a separate space. This is especially good if you have a spacious master bedroom. It gives you a sense of privacy and is also a space saver.
  • The second trick is to have a cosy chair in your bedroom. Your bedroom is supposed to be a place of relaxation. Even if you have the TV in another room, you can still have a nook with a place to sit and read. It should be a place that makes you feel cosy and comfortable, like your own private study. This is why, if you have space, arrange a seating area with an armchair. Preferably by the window, so that you can read there too.
  • The third trick is to have ample natural light. Having a skylight or large windows will leave you feeling more energised in the morning and relaxed at night. Plus, as the sun rises and you are turned towards the windows, you have the best and gentlest alarm ever, the sun rays.


Bedroom Ideas Final Thoughts


The feeling of a bedroom and your mood in it largely depends on the furniture layout. If your bedroom layout is getting you down at the moment, don’t worry about it! Just pick any bedroom idea in this list and start changing your space little by little. Taking it one step at a time will go a long way. Even if you don’t have the time right now or the budget for large changes. Take a closer look at our bedroom idea guide. Of course, if you are ready to embrace your bedroom and start changing  how it suits your lifestyle. Maximise the floor space with design, decor, and layout inspiration.