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Are you planning some changes in the arrangement of the flat? Check hot trends in 2018.
5 MIN READ   |   19 February 2019   |   Arthur Guzowski

Are you planning some changes in the arrangement of the flat? Check hot trends in 2018


The beginning of spring is the time of changes for many people. If they refer to a move, a repair, buying a flat or making arrangement changes, it is worth remembering that year 2018 has brought with itself a breath of fresh air and plenty of new trends. What is fashionable in year 2018? What shouldn’t we forget about when arranging our flat and what things it is better to forget about?

1. Girls prefer violet

Violet and red are the colours that dominate in 2018 not only in interiors, but also in design, fashion and art. Already at the end of the last year Pantone Institute announced that in the coming year intensive colours will prevail, especially Ultra Violet, which according to experts symbolises originality and ingenuity. It is worth using strong colour tones not only on the walls, but also when choosing decorations and accessories. In 2018 all kinds of velour and velvet sofas, hassocks and armchairs are very fashionable. When choosing upholstered sofa, pay attention not only to colour, but above all to structure and stain-resistance of the material of which a sofa or an armchair are made.noneXpress grey ash and white sideboard with led lights

noneViolett modern Italian upholstered bed and Amber IV modern display cabinet with stone imitation fronts and lights

2. Back to nature

In the past year the colour that prevailed in interiors was rich greenness and floral additions. In 2018 this trend will still continue, but in a slightly different form. Here we think of all kinds of floral patterns, among others, on paintings, bedclothes or tablecloths. The mentioned tones should stay for good in flats of persons keeping up with the latest trends. Their advantage is also the fact that they will fit almost to every arrangement.  The shades of violet, red, yellow or navy blue, which are fashionable this year, will fit perfectly to floral arrangements.noneReggio modern corner sofa bed

3. How does concrete correspond to it?

In the new year also non-obvious combinations have become very fashionable – not only colour combinations, but also those referring to materials that are used. Concrete, which formerly dominated especially in loft interiors, is still a popular raw material. However, what counts presently are modern, concrete elements, which emphasise simplicity and crudity of rooms. Equally fashionable and timeless material used for arrangement of interiors is wood. Its advantage is big universality and huge design opportunities. This is because this material fits to every style, starting from classic and ending with industrial and modern style.

noneBlanca III – solid wood wall unit composition

Wood is an incredibly good decoration material. It fits perfectly both to light and to strong colours. Many furniture manufacturers have collections in their offer which resemble various shades of wood in their colour.This is incredibly functional and timeless furniture, to which almost all colours and shapes fit ideally – regardless of changing trends in interior design. Considering this year’s fashion, it is worth combining the furniture in the colour of wood with concrete elements, black and white paintings, golden details  and modern metal decorations.


Atlanta I assembled large solid wood sideboard in various wood option

4. In accordance with yourself

Before you decide on any arrangement changes, think about your expectations, needsand preferences regarding the apartment. Trends in fashion and interior design are important, but they pass quite quickly. If you are not convinced of a given solution, do not plan a thorough renovation, just think about minor changes in decoration. The most important thing is the functionality and personalization of the interior, that’s why we thought to inspire you a little, we did it?

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