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9 Smart Ways to Arrange an Empty Living Room Corner
5 MIN READ   |   17 March 2021   |   Arthur Guzowski

9 Smart Ways to Arrange an Empty Living Room Corner


Empty corner – it is like a white spot on an unfinished canvas. And unfortunately, poorly arranged, empty corners that look just awkward and sad are prevalent in many homes. So, how to arrange an empty corner in a living room?

Well, it may not seem easy, and looking at this unoccupied area, you might think “there is no way I will fill that nook”. But actually, there are many ideas on how to arrange these spaces!

We know it’s easier said than done, and we know it’s one of the most tricky parts of any room to arrange. However, if you want every inch of your home polished off – just keep reading. This article will provide you with lots of inspiring ideas to fill each corner and empty nook in your interiors.

Corner Sofa

There are many design ideas, but this is probably the easiest way to arrange an empty corner. So, how to easily redefine your living room layout and at the same time build some cosiness inside?  Try moving the seating area into the corner. This is how you make the most of your floor space – putting a corner-sofa right in the spot that is made for this piece of furniture.

Having a big, comfortable and soft sofa in the living room corner makes it very inviting to sit there with the whole family. It’s OK to chat, but also to choose a film and watch it together. And when it comes to watching films…

TV Stand for an Empty Corner

An awkward corner can be arranged by a TV stand, and guess what – this furniture does not necessarily have to be designed to fill the empty corners. So, instead of looking for a triangle-shaped TV unit, you can put an ordinary rectangular stand there. Just set it at the right angle.

Wooden TV unit placed in the corner of the room

Of course, you can create a simple plain wall with your TV in the centre, but try to reclaim this much-needed space in the living room and get the best results by placing your TV in the hard-to-arrange spot. It is a perfect interior design hack, so why not make use of it in your own house?

Reading Corner

Yes, room corners make great entertainment centres. But it’s not just TV that entertains us. Those who like to immerse themselves in reading can also arrange an empty corner in many creative ways. Put a soft armchair or an ottoman in the corner and sequentially add other items to fill up space next to the wall.

You will need a small bookcase or a side table. An ideal spot to put your mug of steaming tea. Also, you can think of a coffee table with a storage option – it’s super useful! Finally, decorate the wall with a piece of art so you can contemplate it between the chapters. In this way, unorganised empty spaces and corners become an oasis of calm and an embodiment of the true design.

Decorative Folding Screen

Decorative screens work incredibly well when you have a living room with high ceilings. This concept is trending now, but before you start looking for this decor element, look at the rest of the interior and consider what style your living room is decorated in.

a bright interior with a brown armchair and a brown folding screen in the corner

Try to use separating screens, which correspond with the whole. Just because it will be in one of the corners doesn’t mean it won’t stand out. If your whole house is one big work of art – bet on a folding screen in intense colours, which will be a kind of large scale piece of wall art itself and will arrange an empty corner interestingly.

Set Up A Corner Work Space

The living room has many more functions than just a living space to gather family and friends – it works well as a home office when you need it.

Please make use of that empty corner (ideally by the window) and change it into a stylish home office. If you had no idea where your desk for remote work should stand – this is it – the never-used-properly corner!  Think of it as an extra space to store your documents and set a command station there.

 corner work space with a green velour armchair

If there is a window – then great! You have all you need: beautiful light during the day that will keep you energised and outdoors to look at when your eyes get tired. Don’t forget about the storage spots, and maybe pick a desk table with lots of roomy drawers.

Empty Floor Corners – Great Spot for a Stylish Lamp

Living rooms need proper lighting. And no, you don’t want to have just one light source – you need multiple light sources! It is called layered lighting and is one of the most underestimated aspects of the interior design. Which is wrong, because it’s the light that can give off a beautiful glow that tends to create a unique atmosphere in every place! A large window is enough during the day, but in the evening lamps take the task of building the perfect mood that you’ll love.

interior with lamp, painting and armchair in baroque style

A stylish floor lamp will be great to master every empty living room corner. Just imagine a winter evening with a book, sitting in a comfortable armchair. It’s hard to think of such an image and not see a large floor lamp or simply a small lamp placed on a shelf, which illuminates the adventures of your book’s heroes and at the same time perfectly fits into an empty corner space.

Corner Shelves

Speaking of shelves – it’s not only a perfect spot for lamps: you can have photos there and create a gallery wall. Also, here you can store all of your books and keep small indoor plants.

To arrange the bare nook, you can choose a bookcase as a full-size piece of furniture, or install individual shelves at different heights to create an interesting composition and get a useful corner storage space. Having individual shelves gives you the freedom, and you can add an extra shelf whenever you like (meaning: every time your book collection grows, but you run out of storage ideas;).

Indoor plants and Sculptures

Sculptures – this is where art meets home design. Getting stylish decorative figurines is a great idea to bring some extra style to your home decor. It changes unrecognisably even the most bland and awkward corners in one moment.

a white interior of the house with a plant in the corner of the corridor overlooking the kitchen

Display a unique sculpture in an empty space or – which could be even a better idea – put a living indoor plant there. Having leafy, juicy-green plants in the corners makes every space fill up with life. It can soothe even the most upset person by just standing there and looking marvellous.

Coffee Station

Let’s take a broader look and think of the apartment where the living room is integrated with the dining room. Here we may also have to deal with those awkward empty corners, and it would be a sin to forget about them. We cannot simply omit them. So, what comes to mind when you think of a delicious dinner with your family and friends? We would think: it’s coffee time!

bright dining room with a wooden table and coffee machine in the corner

You can use the empty corner to fuel your caffeine addiction. The tiny, wooden, triangle-shaped shelf is enough to accommodate a small coffee station to which everyone will have great access. Don’t forget about the interior design and make sure that the coffee maker matches the other appliances or furniture in the room. You can now make lattes and espressos easily at home, having this beautiful piece of decoration by the wall.

The Bottom Line

Ways to decorate your corner are endless. You can add an extra shelf in the corner to put books on it. Also, if you like small yet useful objects, a coffee table with storage is a great idea. However, if you are an art lover, you will enjoy a corner with a wall full of paintings. And a stylish lamp, which will romantically light up the room in the evening? It’s brilliant because it will take up minimal floor space!

The corner will also allow you to create a small inspiring workspace, especially if you have a window there – a lovely view to look onto is crucial when working creatively.

As we said – ideas of how to arrange an empty corner are endless, and this list is not finished. You can add something of your own (perhaps a DIY project), and feel free to experiment because decorating an empty nook makes the space look complete, which is what we want the most.

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