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7 steps to getting the furniture of your dreams
5 MIN READ   |   18 February 2019   |   Arthur Guzowski

7 steps to getting the furniture of your dreams


1.Take your time 

Good things come to those who wait. Don’t rush your your thinking process – taking your time to come up with good ideas will benefit you in the long run.


Nobody likes to buy things in a hurry, so remember to always clear your mind and give yourself time to think about what it is that you really want! There really is no rush, and the more time you take to consider the minute details of your ideal interior, the better the end effect will be. An uncomfortable mattress can even lose you an hour of sleep every night, so when looking for a mattress for your bed, take a while and carefully pick out one that’s actually good for your back. When picking out a sofa, consider whether you want a single-purpose unit, or perhaps a sofabed is something more suited to your needs. Most importantly, think about the quality, the level of comfort, and then the colour so that it matches your drapes. Every large change begins with a carefully crafted plan!


2. Make all the necessary measurements

Use a measuring tape to find out the ideal measurements for your future furniture.

After you’ve established a general idea of how you want your room to look, it’s time to go into detail. Using a measuring tape, make sure what the ideal length, width, and height is for your furniture. Make sure what size that crevice you want your sofa in is before you make your purchase!

3. Research

Good research has never made matters worse for anyone. Find out anything you can about your furniture before you pay money for it.

Before adding your piece of furniture into your online cart, make sure you know everything there is to know about your furniture. After all, you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a sofa that you don’t know how to assemble. Make sure you choose a product that is currently available so you don’t have to wait too long, and pay attention to discounts because those happen more often than you’d expect. Check customer reviews to make sure that the material and quality of the product is just as you want it

4. Check the payment options

With so many payment methods to choose from, everyone has a favourite. Choose the one you like!

Various shops allow for different payment methods, and with today’s advanced technology, there’s more options to choose from than ever before. Make sure you can choose the one that’s most convenient to you, whether it’s cash, credit card, or PayPal.

5. Awaiting delivery

Waiting for your delivery to arrive can take a lot of patience. Luckily, delivery companies today have a number of ways to make your wait become more bearable.

The time between finalising your order and the package arriving may be one of the most stressful moments. And when the day arrives, you’re never sure whether you’ll be home on time to take your package, and of course, you never want to wait another day to get it. Make sure to collect all the information you can from the store’s website on how it handles delivery hours to make sure you can be ready at an appropriate time. Some companies even notify their clients ahead of time via email or text messages, so stay alert!

6. Handling returns

Sometimes not everything is as it should be. In case you have to return your product, make sure what the store policy is in that regard.

Though never a pleasant topic, since we would all prefer everything to always arrive on time and in the best possible condition, it’s important to consider how you will handle a potential return. Make sure you check the company policy before making your order. Check how many days you have to make the return and what the exact terms are. Make sure your product has a warranty. After you find out that your product is broken, make sure your complaint is acceptable in accordance with the company policy. Follow the rules carefully and you’ll avoid unpleasant situations.

7. Feedback time

If you’re satisfied with your purchase, make sure you let both your store and any future clients know that by leaving a positive comment!

After successfully completing a service, make sure to leave your feedback on your retailer’s website. Your reviews will be a good indicator for future buyers, and the shop will also be thankful for any good word you spread on Facebook or Google+.

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