Tivoli-Italian lacquered furniture

No other country brings elegance to mind to the extent that Italy does. The Tivoli furniture set was created with that in mind. Thanks to their highly reflective surface and simple, almost classic, designs, the Tivoli range is perfect for those seeking a balance between modern elegance and a warm, cozy atmosphere. The Tivoli furniture set contains a variety of furniture such as a coffee table to put your espresso on, display cabinet with a high-gloss finish that will fit into any modern lounge and a high gloss highboard for all of your dining room or living room essentials.

All of its furniture is crafted in detail so as to give that elegant result! Moreover, they will be delivered to you according to the highest Italian Standards!

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A simple form, a classic beauty, a stable line of the table will be the pride of any room.

£ 199.00 vat incl.

Modern Display Cabinet with an all over high gloss finish that will fit into any modern lounge.

£ 319.00 vat incl.
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

To begin with, as you can notice in this specific set the simplicity is the main interior element! To continue, Tivoli includes a coffee table, a display cabinet and a high board!

Cofee table:

Tovoli’s coffee table comes in a very clean and simple style that can easily fit any interior! Its simplicity will easily make it the pride of any living room! In addition, as its finishes are made with white high-gloss lacquer there is no doubt that this piece of furniture will not shine!

Let alone the fact that, as it is painted by high-gloss it follows the latest trend of interior design! Moreover, as far its functionality, its wide surface will allow you to place on it your coffee or your favourite book!

Display cabinet:

As all of Tivoli’s furniture, the display cabinet as well, due to its style, will fit into any modern lounge! Its modern all over high-gloss finish will make your room more premium looking than ever. In addition, it is crafted with high-quality MDF, and it contains a double door with two glass shelves behind. Its glass parts are made from tempered glass, so you don't have to worry about its durability!

Moreover, Lorenzo Campanelli, its Italian designer included some LED lights for an additional modern touch!


Lorenzo Campanelli created this set by having in mind simple yet modern designs! As you can notice from his highboard creation these are the two elements that you recognize first! This highboard is crafted by MDF and painted and lacquered to a modern high-gloss finish! Moreover, due to the fact that it comes with 3 doors and 3 shelves, it can easily offer you all the additional storage that you were looking for!

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