Palermo range

Palermo range is a furniture set made by solid, simple, yet elegant furniture in adamello oak grey or graphite matt finish. With its simple lines and thick pieces, this set is perfect for anyone looking for living room decor that is both elegant and inviting. The subdued finish that comes in grey and oak colours adds a cozy little touch that can make everyone feel at home. With a coffee table, sideboard and highboard this set offer all the pieces you need to create a complete living room space. Palermo is made by the best quality materials so as not only to be aesthetically pleasing but durable as well. Having said that, we firmly believe, that due to its durability, Palermo is the perfect solution for a family with children!

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Palmero set, is designed in Italy, and as you can notice from its elegant design the Italian element is not something that is missing! Moreover, it consists of a coffee table and a two-door highboard. Palermo’s materials are made by the highest quality of materials and they are designed in a way that you can use them in the most practical way!

Cofee table:

Palermo’s contemporary table has the simplicity of elegance coming from Italy. This coffee table is available in Adamello oak grey finish that will add a calm element to your interior! Moreover, as it made by oak its durability will impress you and it will be a long-lasting investment for your house!


This full of lovely details cabinet comes in Adamello Oak Grey finish. Its exceptional rectangular shape makes a wonderful addition to any modern interior. Shelved cupboards behind the two doors provide ample capacity for your storage needs. In addition, LED lights are there to give the feeling of cosiness. Palermo range may be used in various furniture combinations and in many rooms as well!

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