Iluminati Range

Designed to be strikingly modern and irresistibly eye-catching, the Illuminati furniture range is everything you might be looking for in contemporary living room decor. The modern 3D gloss finish combined with the simple design makes a very elegant solution that is even more prominent in several pieces that come with LED strips and modern patterns on doors. This furniture range, consists of wide surface sideboards which will provide you with some extra storage both inside and outside the furniture, display cabinets with LED strips so as to display your decorative items in a modern way and last but not least TV units. This furniture set is clear and universal enough that it can all be freely combined not only with furniture from the same range but also with furniture from other sets.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

The Illimunati range is what we like to call contemporary! Its furniture is designed in a way that will draw all the attention of your guests. The way how the LED lights light up the drawers is what it makes this set so outstanding.

This range consists of:

Display cabinets:

Is it a better way to display your silverware than in a modern 3d gloss structure with additional LED lights? At Sena Home Furniture, we truly believe that this combination of materials and finishes will help you demonstrate your dining essentials in the most modern way!

TV stands:

The entertainment units of Illuminati range are made with the same concept as all of Illimunaty’s furniture. 3d gloss and LED lights are the main two elements of these TV units that will transform your living room into a premium looking place! In addition, on our robust catalogue, you can find both large and small units that will perfectly fit into your living room.


Illuminati's sideboards are one of our most eye-catching furniture. Their design and their finish will -for sure- leave you speechless. In addition, due to their versatile style, they can be freely combined not only with each other but also with furniture from other sets.

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