Sydney Range

Simplicity, practicality, and reliability were the main ideas behind the design of the Sydney range of furniture. Its main design is made of white, high-gloss lacquer finish. The Sydney range is also pretty universal, able to fit into a room of any coloration. Only the finest materials are used in the manufacture of these pieces, so you can count on the highest quality of furniture no matter what you choose.

The set consists of high gloss sideboards, some of them even have led lights for a more modernish interior touch, TV stands which provide you with some extra storage and of course with chests of drawers. In addition, as we always take care of every single detail, we guarantee you that all of our furniture will be carefully crafted according to the highest standards.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Sydney collection consists of:

TV stands:

TV units in this specific set are soothing to the eye cause of their straight simple lines! In addition, Sydney’s units offering lots of storage space. Having said that, not only you are able to place your TV on them but also to store your entire home-cinema equipment in a tidy way! Sydney, as a minimalistic set, comes with an all over high-gloss finish!


As we mentioned before, this set includes simple designs and high-gloss finishes! Although, can you think of a more minimalistic combination than gloss body and chrome legs? While combining these two materials we come to an eye-catching result, which we used all over our collection! In addition, as far as the sideboards, due to their wide surface, they can be used for decorative reasons as well!

Display Cabinets:

Moreover, we could not skip the display cabinets from this set! To be more specific, having the same idea of combining chrome legs and gloss body we manufactured our cabinets as well! In addition, as we wanted to help you store your silverware in a more premium way we added some extra LED lights!

Chest of drawers:

Chest of drawers is multi-functional furniture! It can be placed under your desk or even separately from any other furniture. At Sydney's' collection we designed a modern gloss chest of drawers which will perfectly fit in every single room!

For more details:

Please contact us, connect with us via social media, or visit our showroom to see all of our furniture in detail.