Wood TV Stands

Modern TV stands have become an essential part of every present-day living room. They come in various colours, materials, shapes and sizes to match everyone's taste and style.

With its solid wood construction and warm hues, a wooden TV stand provides a timeless allure to your living room. Such a piece adds a touch of sophistication to your decor effortlessly. Solid wood TV units like those made of oak, for example, are very durable and sturdy. As such, they are an excellent investment in the long run.

Make your TV stand the focal point of your lounge area by getting a high-quality and elegant piece of furniture that will help your room shine.

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Showing 1 - 102 of 102 items

How To Pick the Best Solid Wood TV Stand?

When it comes to shopping for TV stands, many brands sell products with different designs and features that may make the entire shopping experience more challenging. This is why you should always follow your taste and preferences when choosing one.

However, you should also be mindful of the interior style already present in your room so that the TV stand fits well. TV units are the statement piece at the centre of the living area, so you should make yours stylish and elegant.

However, aesthetics isn't the only thing to watch out for. TV stands provide you with extra storage space, so if you live in a small home, you should think about getting one that maximises it. It should come with closed drawers to store the clutter below the television and hide all the media devices and cables without making a mess of it all.

Let's dive into the three most important tips on choosing your new solid wood TV stand.

Be Mindful of the Space

TV stands can get quite bulky, and although you can use all that space as storage, if you have a small room, it will close it off even more. So, it's vital that you match the size of the cabinet to the size of the living area.

Make sure the sofa and the TV stand are parallel to each other and that they are both placed in the middle of the wall so that your living space looks well-balanced.

If you have a rather large room, then you have more space, height and depth to play with. In this case, you can go for one of the bigger TV stands. This way, you aren't only getting more storage place, but you're also anchoring the room and giving it some clarity amidst all the free space.

The Style

The aesthetics of a TV stand is also an important thing to pay attention to. It's your statement piece, so you have to pick the right wood material, the shelving style and the colour combinations.

Base this decision on the colours you already have in your home. Wood can come in many different tones and shades, so getting the right one will set the base for the rest of the house.

Oakwood TV stands are usually the best choice for any room style. If you have a room that does not get a lot of natural light and has darker furniture, then going for lighter wood tones is smart as it will add lightness and airiness to your room.

On the other hand, if you already have plenty of natural light plus a white or lighter setting in the room, you can go for the darker wood tones that will add richness and depth to your interior.

Another thing to decide on when looking for these products is the finish. Will the top be glossy or matt? What type of finishing will the construction have? If it's oak, then does the light matt wood hues match the rest of the room? If not, maybe you should go for another type or have it painted. Look at the rest of the furniture in your home. If it's glossy, then your TV stand should be too.

When choosing a wooden cabinet, the shade isn't such a problem since all wood tones work well with each other. However, getting the closest possible is the best thing.

If you want your stand to be more on the neutral side, then getting a wooden construction with glass shelving or glass doors on the cabinets will be the most suitable option. This way, the TV unit will fit in no matter the furniture or style present in your room already. Also, you will be able to showcase your belongings through the glass and ornate the place better.

Don't Compromise on Functionality

TV units offer a lot more than just a place to rest TVs on. If you need extra storage space for media devices, games, documents, tools, or other accessories, getting one of the TV units with more compartments and closed shelving will solve your storage issues.

Products like these amp up the comfort in your home by creating more space, and they help you get rid of the clutter that somehow always finds its way on the coffee table.

TV units are excellent at providing you with the chance to display colours and personality into your room through a collection of books, art, plants or other objects you treasure. On the other hand, if you want your TV stand to give you a place for your television and maybe a plant or a frame or two, and you don't need the extra storage space, then a minimal shelving style unit will be the most functional choice for you!

For this, make sure you are picking the right TV stand that will tick all the boxes like elegance, design, price, and functionality. Don't make this a compulse buy because TV stands are an investment that you will treasure in your home for a long time.

How To Place the TV Stand?

To decide on the place for your TV stand, you need to decide on the optimal location for your TV. Base this on the position of those who will watch it - the distance between the TV and the sofa determines the depth of the TV stand - the inches of the TV and how it is used.

As a general rule of thumb, a 40 ° field of view is suitable for watching a film.

When it comes to the height position, make sure your gaze is relaxed, and you don't have to overly bend your neck up or down to see the picture. To avoid this, we recommend an average height between 95 and 100 cm from the floor.

The following fundamental factor in positioning your TV stand right is the light in your room. You should make sure that there is no light reflected on the screen. So, if you have any windows opposing the TV stand, you should either think about moving the entire unit or getting some darker curtains.

TV Stand Style and Design

The units of today are made to hold the entire entertainment system together. They provide you with storage and an area for a beautiful display of items. It is why, when you go shopping for a wooden TV unit, you have to be mindful of the style and design too.

After all, this is the focal point of your living room along with that sofa, so you will pretty much base the terrain of your room on your stand. The lighting, wall and living room design will all be determined by it as well, so read on for our practical tips.

As we said before, the factors to consider are the budget, material, colour, size, design and storage features of your TV cabinet. After talking about how to choose one and how to position it, let's talk a bit about its structure.

While everyone has their own set of specific preferences, there are three general types of TV cabinet designs that will suit your living room.

Simple and Elegant

Clean lines, neutral tones and simple colours work best if you already have a busy design in your living room. If your walls are painted or have a few different colours playing around on the sofa, carpet, or curtains, it's best to keep it simple with the TV stand.

This will soothe and calm the interior adding elegance and simplicity.

Also, arrange the room lights to put the cabinets into focus along with the shelves that display your decor accents or books. The result you'll get is a perfect set of modern decor and multifunctionality. Functionality and design go well together and help you build a clean and contemporary space full of everything you love in one place.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

If your room is large and you use mostly straight lines, maybe it's time to switch things up a bit. Experiment with curves and quirky designs that will offset the attention from the rest of the furniture in your room to keep the focus on the TV.

Round lines will be a welcome break from the regular rectangles and squares. If you want, you can play with finishes too. Why not add some glossy paint for smart and futuristic-looking wooden TV cabinets.

Contrast and Complement

If you want a more modern look, then let the colour of your TV unit furniture contrast with the colour of your wall. If you get a dark wood stand, contrast it with a light cream or white wall and vice versa, light furniture will go well on a dark grey or dark brown wall.

Such a contrast brings focus to the TV unit and enhances the interior decoration.

Durability is always key with furniture. Your unit should be able to withstand the weight of the TV and the heat transfer. If you are looking for the best TV stands, take a look at the stock availability of Sena Home Furniture. We offer top brands, high-quality products and swift delivery for the best online shopping experience in the country.