Wooden Sideboards

When chosen wisely and placed carefully, a wooden sideboard can really accentuate a room. It's no wonder they're making a strong comeback with interior designers. It's not only because of its low-rise appeal, but also of its storage function.

This understated yet highly regarded and versatile piece of furniture that originally belongs in the dining room was able to stand the test of time.

Wooden sideboards will serve your family for many years, too. All you have to do is consider a few basic sideboard features so you can pick the right one for your home.

At Sena Furniture, you can find high gloss sideboards also which is made of wood. Check our products and order one for you today.

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1. Storage Design

The most appealing attribute of a wooden sideboard is its roomy cupboards, deep drawers, and spacious compartments behind doors. And we understand that storage is important in every home, especially with families where household items and belongings can accumulate fast.

With Sena Home Furniture, you can choose from our collection of sideboards that provides extra storage to keep your house clutter-free.

You can shop for a unit with a combination of shelves and drawers, or one with a surface and cabinets with doors.

Make your home looking extra polished by keeping, not only dining essentials, but also any household items in a wooden sideboard.

 2. Size

 Can't decide whether you should get a large sideboard or a small sideboard? This furniture's scale and height makes it a staple in almost every home, and our sideboard range caters to all spaces. Standing at around waist height, a wooden sideboard makes for an attractive piece to display fruit bowls, framed photos, flowers, and other accessories.

A compact and narrow wood sideboard with 2 doors can save space and maximize on storage, while a large sideboard will fit perfectly in a house with a generous living space.

Large sideboards can also create a focal point in any room and would be an ideal feature piece. One of the great places to have a sideboard is next to a chimney breast.

Shop from our space-saving units with a shallower profile if your space is at a premium.

 3. Materials

Wooden sideboards are available in a wide range of materials. Available in walnut, oak, and many more kinds of wood, each unit exudes a unique charm with a touch of contemporary style.

Besides dark wood walnut and traditional oak sideboards, we also offer units with modern finishes, such as glass, marble, and high gloss. There are also options when it comes to built-in, wood, or metal handles.

You can expect all our wooden sideboards, including the drawers, backs, and bases, are built to the highest standards using solid hardwood.

Some are even made of reclaimed wood or recycled mango wood, pine, and more. And this is a fantastic option if you prefer to pick out items for your home while being environmentally conscious.

Style: Traditional VS. Modern Sideboard

When you shop for the perfect sideboard, it's best to ensure that it compliments your existing décor. And you can easily do this as we have an impressive selection of sideboards where you can pick out that staple piece to store your precious dinnerware, china, and so much more.

From rustic styles to modern designs, you'll surely find a sideboard that will accommodate your taste and decor.

If you opt for a stylish sideboard made of solid wood, like oak, its elegant and traditional appearance can beautifully fit into almost any setting, especially if you use colourful accessories on top as decor.

Oak sideboards will also look great when placed below a clock or a painting to give it a dramatic touch.

At Sena Home Furniture, we also consider our customer's needs when it comes to cohesion. And speaking of colour, this is where painted wood sideboards come in.

With their shiny surfaces and smooth lines, it's no mystery why they look amazing and prove popular, even in a living room with a modern design. Depending on how you want to illuminate this furniture, the lighting can simply make it sink away or stand out.

It's also a great choice if you're looking for a sideboard that will stay trendy and versatile throughout the years. Common colours include a gray, black, or white sideboard.

Units with gold and brass accents or frames are also suitable for those searching for a mid-century or vintage interior.

Some of our modern takes on sideboards also fit in many contemporary spaces. You'll find units with chrome accents, which are full of character and give that wow factor. For these designs, you can add a mirror on top to make the room you placed it in feel spacious.

There are also mirrored sideboards or those with geometric patterns.

How about bespoke furniture? We recommend our bespoke services for sideboards that will match your blinds, cushions, rugs, and sofas. You can decide on the measurement, as well as the shelving style.

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Whether you'd like to make a statement with a white gloss sideboard or have a wooden oak sideboard blend with the rest of your furniture, the Sena Home Furniture range has been carefully curated to offer something for every home.

Should You Place It in the Dining Room or With Other Living Room Furniture Pieces?

Sideboards were initially made to rest against the wall of the dining room where they can efficiently and practically serve their purpose - to keep dinnerware and cutlery organized in one spot and within easy reach. But other than holding on to your plates and other special dining items, they can be used in many rooms and can have varying functions.

Although this beautifully crafted piece of furniture will go great when paired with your dining table and chairs, there's no limit or rules on how else you can use it.

Can you imagine a wooden sideboard in the bedroom? Give yourself a stylish dresser to tidy up clothing items and accessories by simply placing it on one side of the wall. You can do this for the guest bedroom too, so any visitor can feel at home and have the freedom to unpack their clothing.

In the living room, solid wood sideboards can be used as media units or as a TV stand. The drawers can be a great hiding spot for your controllers, while the shelves are suitable to showcase your collection of books.

Have more space in the hallway? Then a modern sideboard with a natural oak top will give you more room to store your keys, scarf, boots, shoes, and other outdoor gear.

Besides the living room and hallway, you can also use an oak sideboard to fill an empty spot in the kitchen to store your crockery. Why not use the space on top to display your cooking tools? Then the compartments will be perfect as a cabinet for drinks and your fancy glasses. A perfect setting for when you have guests over and you want to flaunt your cocktail-making skills.

Long sideboards will make an attractive spot to showcase your ornaments, or even plants. Some would get two or three short sideboards and line them up together to make lengthier cabinets.

Loving our style tips? We have more dining room ideas and cosy living room ideas to keep you on-trend.

A Sideboard Isn’t Only Paired With the Dining Table

As you can see, a sideboard is more than a place to store cutlery and dinnerware used during dinner parties and special occasions. It's a multi-functional piece of furniture that can fill any space you need within your home. And with our range of units, you can find one that will solve all your storage and decor problems.

Whether it's a solid wooden sideboard with a rustic charm or a modern sideboard with an oak top or doors, you can find it when you shop from our collection. There are endless options that will fit every taste in style or character you're looking for.

Many of our sideboards can also be matched with our dining room and living room furniture pieces to create a cohesive yet classy look. Or if you only want a display cabinet, we have those, too.

If you want to add warmth to your home, shop from our range of wooden sideboards that feature a unique, rich natural grain and a wide variety of designs. You can also check out all our furniture by visiting our showroom. But if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us or reach us via Facebook.