Wood Display Cabinets

Display cabinets, although they are becoming more and more famous in British houses since the 20th century, they are considered to be one of the most important furniture in your living room and of your dining room as well. Not only you can display your essentials in a premium way but also cabinets can be used as a little decorative touch on your house. Moreover, wooden display cabinets are not only suitable for an elegant element in your living room but also they can create a modern atmosphere. At Sena Home Furniture, you are able to find wooden combined with glass, with matt lacquer and high gloss finish, or even with additional LED lights!

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Luxury display cabinet with oak veneer legs soothing to the eye straight lines combined with lots of storage space

£ 499.00 vat incl.

Luxury display cabinet with oak veneer legs soothing to the eye straight lines combined with lots of storage space

£ 429.00 vat incl.
Showing 1 - 140 of 140 items

Our collection of display cabinets varies in terms of size, shape, material, and design.

Oak material:

Oak is the most famous material when it comes to durability and to long-lasting investments! We highly recommend it in case you have children. In addition, as wood is a natural material it will always be in fashion! An example of our oak made cabinets is Avignon II, solid dark oak furniture with a lot of storing space.

Needless to say that at Sena Home Furniture, we take care of the core functionality of our furniture as well, having said that all of our display units, wooden or not wooden, will satisfy your need of storing your essentials and demonstrating your most prized possessions.

Modern cabinets:

Wood is not only an elegant material, but it can be combined with different finishes so as to look more and more modern! A great example of that is Amber, furniture designed by Lorenzo Campanelli who used wood with matt finishes! The result, as you can check, is outstanding! In addition, on our robust catalogue, you are able to find wooden cabinets combined even with the latest trend of interior design, high-gloss!

Moreover, as we wanted to create a bit more unique furniture, we added integrated Lights to solid wood furniture so as to display your favourite pictures in a way that will draw all of your guest’s glances!


At Sena Home Furniture, we know that some of our clients have some difficulties while choosing the correct size for their new furniturφe. That is the main reason why we offer bespoke services. The only thing you have to do is to provide us with your measurement and we will craft your favourite design according to your dimension!

In addition, all of our furniture is made by the best quality materials and they will be delivered to you assigned with the highest standards!

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