Modern Wood Collections

Wooden furniture, in the past years, there were considered as just durable, but, nowadays, we are starting to appreciate wooden collections as they can have any shape and design! In addition, due to their colour and texture, they can easily fit any interior. As for the durability, wooden units are famous because of that, and at Sena Home Furniture we recommend especially if you have children. Moreover, do not be afraid to combine wooden sets with modern design, this contrast will create an aesthetically pleasing result.

The only thing you have to do is to choose your favourite design and we will carefully craft it with the best wood in the market, at the same time as our furniture are manufactured in Italy and Germany we guarantee you that they will be delivered to you in accordance with the highest European standards.

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Showing 1 - 50 of 295 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 295 items

Our wooden collection includes all the essentials furniture for your home:

Wooden display cabinets:

Imagine demonstrating your silverware in a natural oak cabinet! It would -for sure- be more than eye-catching. Our wooden units combine a lot of materials and styles together so as to fit in every room! Check them out!

Wooden sideboards

When it comes to storing our necessities we are all carving durable furniture that can stand our daily use! That is the main reason that wooden sideboards are such a good investment. At the same time due to its versatile, it can easily fit every kind of room!

Wood TV stands:

The entertainment unit has to be more than durable! It is the place where you will place your TV on and where you are going to store your home-cinema. So as this place is where you are going to spend more of your fun time it should be able to stand any kind of clumsiness while playing video-games!

Furniture sets:

As always, Sena Home Furniture is one step ahead, so we created wooden sets that are going to make it easier for you to choose the ideal furniture without thinking if they are going to match together!

Bedroom furniture

The bedroom is the room where you are going to rest after a hard working day, that means it should be more than a relaxing place for you! Wood is the material that can transform your room into a warm cosy place.

For more details:

Please contact us, connect with us via social media, or visit our showroom to see all of our furniture in detail.