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A display cabinet is a cabinet with a glass door, whose purpose is showing off your dining room essentials. They are unique pieces of furniture that can give your interior an elegant touch. After all, your cutlery needs to go somewhere and you can't exactly leave it lying on your counter. For this reason, you have cabinets. Not only are they a clever way to arrange all your silverware and dishes, but with the glass front, you can also help enrich the interior of your room by proudly showing your items. Moreover, our display cabinets are made from the best quality glass, so you’ll be showing your essentials in a premium way!

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Modern Display Bar Cabinet with an all over high gloss finish that will fit into any modern lounge.

£ 279.20 £ 349.00 vat incl.

Luxury display cabinet with oak veneer legs soothing to the eye straight lines combined with lots of storage space

£ 499.00 vat incl.

Luxury display cabinet with oak veneer legs soothing to the eye straight lines combined with lots of storage space

£ 429.00 vat incl.
Showing 1 - 255 of 255 items

Categories of Modern Display Cabinets:

We have to mention that our cabinets can fit any type of room - dining room, living room - any room, really. Sena Home Furniture will not disappoint you in that regard.

Black or White units:

Black and white will never be gone from the top list of interior trends. At Sena, as we have always been trendsetters we adjusted our cabinets in the fashionable black and white high gloss finish so as to make your living look more premium looking than ever!

High gloss Display Cabinets:

Needless to say, your silverware and dishes will look absolutely luxurious inside a contemporary cabinet. High-gloss cabinets will make your precious decor look modern and elegant at the same time!

Bespoke Display Cabinets:

We offer you a wide variety of bespoke cabinets that will not only match the aesthetics of your house but also provide you with extra storage space. In addition, as we will carefully craft them in accordance with your measurements, we guarantee you that they will perfectly fit into your dining room!

Solid Wood Cabinets:

Are you a fan of classy yet elegant interior design? Then wooden cabinets will be the perfect match for you! On top of their functionality, wooden display units will also fit every single style!

As far as materials go, we use...

At Sena Home Furniture, we take into consideration not only the design and style of our furniture but also the materials we use. We carefully craft our furniture with the best quality materials and make them as durable and functional as possible. In addition, as our furniture is manufactured in Italy and in Germany, it will be delivered to you according to the highest standards!

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