Tall narrow chests

Tall narrow chest of drawers is essential furniture for a children’s room. Its shape doesn’t only provide the room with some useful storage but also as for its shape it fits everywhere without occupying a lot of space, that way your child will still have a lot of free space to play around with his/her friends!. At Sena Home Furniture, we know that each child has a different amount of clothes and at the same time, each child has a different taste of style. Having that in mind, we produced a wide range of chest of drawers that vary in terms of sizes, colours, and styles!  In addition, in our robust catalogue, you can be sure that all of our children's furniture is childproof! To sum up, choose your children’s favorite chest of drawers and we assure you that you will be more than pleased with its quality.

Before choosing your new tall chest of drawers there are some simple but still crucial things that you should take into consideration.

Size and style:

Even if the size is tall narrow as you can see on our catalogue we have many different choices. For instance, if you want to store a lot of clothes in it then you should consider purchasing a tall 5 drawers chest! That way, we can assure you that all of your children’s clothes will fit in! In addition, as you can notice from our catalogue we designed 4 different tall narrow chests of drawers and we offer each design with 3 drawers or 4 drawers or even 5 drawers! So choose if you want the Swan design, the Secreter Garden, the Dinosaur or the Blue Lagoon and we guarantee you about its best quality!

Moreover, the main reason why a narrow chest of drawers may fit your room more than wide furniture is the fact it will not occupy a lot of flooring space but it will still provide you with all that storing space that you were always dreaming for. In addition, our furniture has great 3D designs, elegant engravings, safe rounded edges, draws on bearing runners with a soft close anti-tip mechanism, and it is painted by child-safe paints!

Useful articles:

At Sena Home Furniture we prepared an article for all the parents who feel unsafe about their children's room. By reading our article you will find useful ideas on how to make your child’s room childproof! Check it out!

For more details:

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