When you are about to decorate your child’s room then you should take into consideration that this room is not only about playing around and sleeping but also it should have more functions, such as to be able to contain his/her clothes. To accomplish this, you would need to choose a suitable wardrobe for his/her room. This kind of furniture will give you the opportunity to organize the occasionally chaotic children’s room! In addition, it's a good way to teach your children from an early age about the convenience of a tidy room! At Sena Home Furniture, as we know that, we designed for you a wide variety of wardrobes which could perfectly fit in the child’s room. Moreover, we adjusted them in a way to be childproof so as to feel safe when you leave your child unattended to play!

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

On our robust catalogue, you can find closets with different colours, sizes, and shapes! So before choosing your new furniture, you should take into consideration how you are going to use it!

Do you need a lot of storing space?

If so then you should consider choosing a wall placed wardrobe with two sliding doors! To be more specific this furniture can easily store all of your kid’s clothes throughout his/her life! So we suggest this kind of modern wardrobe for all the parents who want to invest in one long-lasting furniture! To give an example of such apparel you should take a look at Quardo! Or if you are not a fan of sliding doors, you should consider purchasing Magi, the three-door wardrobe!

You don't have enough flooring space for your child to play around?

At Sena Home Furniture, we design furniture both durable and functional! Nowadays, is very difficult to find the right size of furniture that will not occupy a lot of your flooring space but it will give you a lot of storing space! Although, we managed to solve that problem! We created a wardrobe with an optional bed! So when your child wants to play you just pull the bed up! If that sounds convenient for you at your child’s room you should check Ponte. Another solution for that is to buy a tall corner wardrobe! This kind of furniture will fit anywhere in the room without conquering a lot of space!

Do you want a playful design?

If you are planning to buy a closet for a small aged kid then once again we have the solution for you! At Sena Home Furniture, we manufactured apparels with 3D drawings on them so as to make them more cheerful for you young kids! Moreover, as they are made for younger ages the paints are child-safe and there no corners on them as well! Take a look at Dinosaur and you will not be disappointed!

In addition, all of our wardrobes are made by the best quality materials, such as MDF, solid wood or natural oak and they are carefully painted in high gloss or lacquered in matt finish!

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