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At your child’s room, we are sure that you would like to have everything organized and tidy in spaces so as your child could have some free space to play around with his/her favorite toys. That's the main reason why the chest of drawers in your child’s room is a piece of furniture with such importance. In addition, a chest of drawers is not only helpful for creating space in your child’s room but also because you can organize his/her clothes in a convenient way. In addition, that kind of storing furniture can complement your wardrobe so as to create additional space for clothes! At Sena Home Furniture, as you can check on our robust catalogue, we offer a variety of modern bedroom drawers in terms of size, shape, and material! All of our furniture, are made with the best quality materials and designed in a unique way, so as to satisfy all of our customer's needs!

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

Before choosing the new bedroom drawers you should take into consideration some important factors. To be more specific, you should ask yourself, how many clothes I will store inside my new furniture? How much room space do I have available? How old my child is?

As we are here to help you we are going to give solutions to these kinds of questions!

How many clothes I will store in my chest of drawers?

So as you can check from our catalogue we got a wide variety of furniture in terms of the size. For instance, for all those who are willing to use this furniture for purely storing reasons, then the ideal furniture would be a wide 3 drawers cabinet, such as Enjoy. This modern furniture is going to store all of your kid's clothes without any doubt!

How much room space do I have available?

Whether you have enough or not we have the solution for you! So if your flooring space is limited but you still are in need of extra storage then you should think of purchasing a tall narrow chest of drawers. Due to their shape, there are no questions that they will fit every corner without occupying the playing space of your child! If you are interested in such furniture have a look at Blue Lagoon!

How old is my child?

That question is pretty crucial not for the shape or the size but for the style of your furniture! To be more specific, we designed furniture for teenagers without many colours or drawings such as First, but also we manufactured chest of drawers that come with round edges and 3D painting with child-safe paint, such as Africa. Last but not least, no matter which one you are going to choose we assure you that is going to be both durable and practical at the same time! Have a look!

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