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Kids need their space too! They need a place to play around, to invite their friends, to study and then after all that fun to have a good night sleep! Because that is the way they learn and grow! That's why at Sena Home Furniture, we created a whole new category for your children’s most loveable room! Our furniture is designed in a way to provide a safe space, as they are all manufactured with childproof standards, but also to make them feel comfortable! In our online shop, you can find a wide range of furniture in creative designs and at affordable prices! Moreover, all of our furniture will be crafted with the best quality materials and they will be delivered to you according to the highest standards! Take a look at our robust catalogue and find exactly what you need!

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This is the dream bed for every little princess! Sleeping in it is a pleasure and fun and your child will be delighted to go to...

£ 599.00 vat incl.

Lighting McQuenn licensed Disney product with LED lights.

£ 579.00 vat incl.

Filling Station wardrobe made ​​of MDF and acrylic. Painted with acrylic paints (paints are certified by the manufacture of...

£ 489.00 vat incl.

Please contact us regarding your choice of fabric.

£ 439.00 vat incl.

The Army Jeep bed with LED headlights and matress including in the set.

£ 449.00 vat incl.

An item of furniture that grows with your child!

£ 199.00 £ 379.00 vat incl.
Reduced price!
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Moreover, as Sena Home Furniture, as we want to satisfy all of our customer’s need we designed all the must-have furniture for your child’s room!

Tall narrow chests/ Wardrobes/ Chest of drawers:

To begin with, a children’s room is not only for games and sleeping but it should also give you the ability for containing clothes. We are sure you want a tidy and organized room! So having that in mind, we designed tall narrow chests, chests of drawers, and wardrobes! The only thing you have to do is to take into consideration the number of clothes you want to store, the size, and style of the room and then choose your ideal storing furniture!


Needless to say that bed is the most important furniture in the children’s room! The bed is the place where your child will rest after a studying day! At Sena Home Furniture, as we know that some parents want to invest in some furniture without replacing them every year, we even made adjustable beds for every age!


From the first day in school till graduation, your child will always need his/her desk! The desk must be functional but also it should make your child feel comfortable studying there! At Sena Home Furniture, we offer a huge range of desks that vary in terms of style, design, and shape!

As you can see on our catalogue we also provide you with Bookcases, seating and bean bags, and of course nursery furniture.

Useful articles:

In addition, before decorating your child’s bedroom you should take into consideration that the whole room should be Childproof. Considering the fact that children spend the majority of their unsupervised time in the bedroom, failing to properly prepare it for that can lead to very serious consequences. If you want to read more about how to create a childproof bedroom then you should check the article we prepared for you!

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