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With this pandemic and living a new normal, we all have noticed how every room in our home can function better. Some of us even realized that they could be more organized, especially with how they take care of themselves and our routines. And what better way to start your day than getting ready in front of a very chic dressing table!

Preparing before going out for an errand or making yourself presentable before a video meeting will be easier when everything you need is handy. From make-up to accessories and hair products to other body essentials, you'll be able to allocate a spot for each of them using dressing tables.

With our wide collection of dressing units here at Sena Home Furniture, your bedroom will get an upgrade whether you choose a Parisian boudoir style or a modern design with crisp and clean lines.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items

Dressing Table Styles and Sets

Also known as a vanity table, a dressing table is a traditional piece of furniture that's often found in bedrooms to create an elegant and decorative touch. They serve like your very own toolbox while providing storage for your make-up, jewellery, and other tools that will help you face the day ahead.

Since it's a place where you transform yourself from "just woke up" to "department head," a dressing table should be given the price of a spot in the bedroom.

Though highly functional, you won't have to sacrifice style as our dressing tables look fantastic. The range of designs will help you find one that will match your bedside cabinets, wardrobes, and cupboards perfectly.

You can even browse through our stylish dressing table sets that include matching chairs and mirrors. It simply adds a visual appeal in the bedroom, the hallway of a studio apartment, or even your baby girl's room.

Wooden Dressing Tables

Dressing tables made out of wood make for a strikingly good choice for bedrooms. For a natural and rustic vibe, the top choice would be a table with an oak finish. Especially if it has been purposefully sanded or varnished. It's unique in appearance due to the wood's grain pattern while offering sturdy furniture that's protected from wear and tear.

Other vintage-looking materials include mahogany, walnut, teal, pine, mango wood, and stained hardwood.

Wooden dressing tables can be treated or painted to enhance the natural colour and character of the wood.

The drawers are perfect for storage, but an impressive hardwood top can display your accessories. Then you can tuck one of our chairs underneath it. Some feature dovetail joints to ensure durability, ensuring that no matter how much you fill the drawers, they won't bow or bend.

Glass Dressing Tables

If you prefer a piece of bedroom furniture to match the walls, blinds, cushions, beddings, as well as the other colours and contemporary design of your room, you should shop for a new dressing table that offers storage and style.

Modern dressing tables usually have straight edges, clean lines, a square or rectangular mirror, and a high polish finish to make it look more impressive.

Here at Sena Home Furniture, our designs are made by taking into account how customers use them. An example? We noticed that some customers wanted extra light while doing their make-up, so we added LED lights!

How To Choose a Dressing Table

It's easy to decide to shop for a dressing table set complete with drawers, a mirror, and a stool for practicality. But before you pay for a new make-up table, there are several factors that you need to consider to end up with the right dressing table.

1: Where To Place the Dressing Table?

The first thing that you should think about is the position of the dressing table in your home or bedroom. It's best to opt for one that will naturally complement the shape of the room, as well as other furniture pieces and accessories in it.

Should you place it beside a wall, or maybe the left or right corner of the room?

Corner dressing tables are space savers, especially if you have a sloping or alcove ceiling. If it feels a little squeezed in, don't hesitate to add a few more shelves behind for extra storage. Some would even add pendant lighting to really open the area up.

You wouldn't want your beautiful dressing table to be dwarfed by large furniture pieces, or for the room to feel crowded. It's also best to avoid placing it somewhere where it can become a dumping ground for discarded items like mail and keys.

If that's what you're looking for, then you should check out our console tables.

While deciding where to place a dressing table, you should also think about the space you have for it. These tables should be a place of glamour and luxury, so they shouldn't be too big or too small.

After using our filters to go through our collection of dressing tables, you can check the dimensions for each product.

2: Which Style of Dressing Table To Go For?

We've established that it's best to shop for a dressing table that matches you and your bedroom's style. That alone can create an aesthetic consistency in the room.

From our catalogue of dressing tables with a wide range of designs, you can choose between traditional oak tables to high-gloss, modern vanities.

We also recommend that you think about the type of storage that would work for you.

Usually, a dressing table has at least one small drawer that pulls out to reveal another storage space. Others have larger compartments with elaborately decorated drawer handles.

Other than the added lights that we offer, we also have adjustable mirrors to better see every detail of your face when doing your make-up. And there are tables with extra drawers for those who want to store all their morning and "getting-ready" essentials in one place.

3: How Are You Going To Use the Dressing Table?

Dressing tables serve as a great alternative for those with tight spaces. You can easily get them with a matching stool and mirror set. If you just want a table, then a dining chair or ottoman can be repurposed as a dressing table chair.

But other than as a bedroom vanity, how else would you use it? For morning and night skincare routines? Just to have a tidy and modern spot to store your jewellery in?

At Sena Home Furniture, we offer solutions for both. You can shop for a make-up table with a mirror and lights to see the finer details clearly while you care for your face. At the same time, you can go for a dressing unit with a mirror and plenty of drawers to store brushes, blow dryers, hair irons, and accessories in.

Looking for a contemporary vanity? Take a look at Vigo.

Those who want to get a simple dressing table can place it beside a mirrored wardrobe so they won't have to get a separate mirror and they'll even get a full-length view of themselves.

Then you can decorate your dressing table by prioritizing contents. Others might prefer to organize by shades and colour so that it's more pleasing to the eye.

Vanity Tables Dressing up the Best in You

Whatever style of dressing table you're searching for, from purely functional to over-the-top designs, you're going find it in our collection with a range of colours and finishes that are designed to last.

We accept orders through our website or our shop. You can use the filters to easily browse through our collections. If you want more information, don't hesitate to contact us or reach us through our Facebook page.