Dressing tables

The Bedroom, apart from sleeping, is the room that will make you feel safe. It is the room that should contain all of your necessities, so you can have them at the ready early in the morning.

At the same time, the bedroom is the place where everyone gets ready to start their day. Having said that, the most suitable piece of furniture for getting ready in the dressing table.

Dressing tables not only give your room an elegant decorative touch, but also provide you with a place to get ready as they come with a mirror and, or even with additional storage for your everyday product use, such as your cosmetics and jewelry. Dressing units, also known as bedroom vanities or makeup stands, are traditional furniture which can transform the existing decor of your bedroom!

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

At Sena Home Furniture, we offer you a wide range of dressing units so as to make the perfect match for your bedroom.Before choosing your new makeup table there are several things that you should have on mind.


You should consider how you are going to use your bedroom vanity. For instance, would you like to do your morning skin routine there? Or you just want to have tidy and modern furniture which will store your jewellers. At Sena Home Furniture, we offer solutions for both options, so you can either choose a makeup table with a mirror and additional lights for your morning makeup routine at the same time we can provide you with a dressing table which comes with both a mirror and additional drawers for your jewellers, if you are interested in such a contemporary vanity to have a look at Vigo.


Another important factor before choosing your new furniture is the style of it. It's pretty crucial to match all of your furniture in your personal style so as to create an aesthetic consistency to your bedroom! For example, or our robust catalogue, you can choose between various styles, from traditionally made by natural oak tables to high gloss modern vanities! Whatever you choose we assure you that your new furniture will be carefully crafted with the best materials and it will be painted in detail so as to match your room!


Our Bedroom vanities are made to be durable yet functional! Having said that, we designed our vanities having in mind how our customers use them. To be more specific, we noticed that some of our customers wanted some extra light while they are doing their makeup so we added LED lights. Moreover, he added adjustable mirrors, as we know the importance of being able to see every detail of your face while getting ready, or even we designed tables with extra drawers for those who want to store all of their morning essentials in one place! Convenient right?

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