While armchairs might not be as frequently used as a carefully chosen, high-quality sofa, they can still become a vital part of your me-time. There aren't many things as satisfying as sinking into your comfortable armchair with a good book and a cup of tea after a long, exhausting day at work.

If this sounds like the perfect place and way for you to relax, it's time to get your hand around purchasing a new armchair. Here at Sena Home Furniture, we consider furniture to be meant for, first and foremost, comfort and relaxation. You can browse through our armchairs selection, and you are more than sure to find a comfy chair that you will find difficult to get up from.

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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items

Do you dream about a comfy chair but have no idea where to start? We are here for you! There are some essential aspects you need to consider before making a purchase, and below, we guide you through the most important ones - different styles, sizes, fabrics, and various materials it will be made of.

Decide on the Desired Armchair Style

The first step you need to make when buying an armchair is to determine the style you want. This will help you narrow down your choices. What are some general armchair styles?

Firstly, there is the traditional style - a traditional chair is usually upholstered with leather or fabric, has a wide seat made of wood or metal, low and mid backrests, and padded seats and backs. These styles usually combine straight lines and sharp edges with soft curves and rounded corners, providing comfort and support while making sure your armchair looks great in your living room. These are the most common chairs you will most likely see in most homes. If you want to stick to tradition, go for this style!

However, if you are looking for something more contemporary and functional, you can also opt for modern chairs with stylish sophisticated designs that feature clean lines and bold, geometric shapes. These are usually made out of sleek materials like metal, wood, and they have a more compact design and can be both used as armchairs or extra seats around the house.

Another type of armchair is club chairs which are distinguished for their low back with high arms. These are very popular with younger generations because of their laidback feel, but it's not rare to find them among the furniture of older generations. You can place them in front of the TV or use as extra seating in the living room.

There are also wingback chairs that are similar to club chairs, but the main difference is the higher armrests. These are very popular with older generations who appreciate the higher back support they offer. If your parents come over, give them these chairs to sit on!

Depending on the type, armchairs can either allow you to recline (a recliner or club armchair) or not (standard).

Determine the Armchair Size

Another important aspect to consider when buying an armchair is its size. An armchair needs to be big enough for you to sink into it and still have enough space left around your body. This way you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

The size depends on the room size and how much space it takes up in the room. The best way to measure it accurately is to measure the left and right distance from the wall and the depth - it should leave enough space for your legs to move.

Consider Armchair Materials

Wood has been used for centuries to make furniture pieces because it is strong, durable, easy to work with, and beautiful. One downside is that it is heavy, which might make it harder to move around if you don't have enough space or don't want the hassle of lifting it every time you need to move it from one place to another.

Metal armchairs are very elegant-looking and provide a contemporary feel to your room. They are very sturdy and strong, but they might be too cold for some people's taste.

Leather isn't quite as popular as it used to be—this is due to its high price tag— but it makes up for it by being very durable, very breathable (in warm weather), and naturally resistant to water (in wet conditions).

Fabric is one of the most popular choices because it is very affordable, yet it offers enough support for your back and is soft enough to feel comfortable when you sit on it.

Check the Armchair Fabric and Upholstery

Armchairs can be upholstered with different fabrics and materials. If you're looking for a classic option, go for leather as it is sturdy and elegant and will last for years. You can even find an upholstered chair with various patterns and designs for a more quirky touch. Some armchairs also come with wooden frames, which give a vintage feel and warmth to your living room.

If you're looking for something more contemporary and modern, check out fabric upholstered armchairs which come in a wide variety of colours to suit any modern interior design style. When choosing a fabric armchair bear in mind that some materials are more durable than others so that you can enjoy your new armchair for many years to come!

Armchair Features

Before you make your final purchase decision, take some time to think about additional features you might like your new armchair to have to improve its comfort and aesthetics.

The most commonly added features are cushions. Cushions are great for making the chair more comfortable while also giving the room a warm and homely look.

Armchairs can also feature storage options that are convenient for saving space in small rooms. You can find a chair with storage space under the seat or in the backrest. For even more storage space, you can opt for a chair with ottomans. The ottoman can be used for storing extra pillows, blankets etc., it is also quite sturdy, so you can put your feet up on it without having to worry about it breaking!

A chair with extra features like reclining mechanisms allows you to adjust the position of the chair to your liking without having to stand up. This is very useful if you're tired after a long day at work and don't want to exert yourself. However, these types of armchairs are much more expensive than regular, non-reclining chairs, so make sure you can afford them before you start considering buying one.

And you can't forget about a good old swivel chair, which allows you to turn and face the direction of your choice. They come very handy in situations where you want to talk to someone, sit at your desk, or just turn around and admire your favourite painting on the wall. A swivel chair also adds a nice touch to the room since they're usually made out of more modern materials.

We hope that our tips have been useful! Whether you prefer a classic armchair with a leather cover or a modern one with a bold print - we have what you need! Browse through our selection of comfortable armchairs and find the best one for you!