Armchairs are made for individual use and comfort. After a hard working day, you just want to go to your living room grab your favorite book and sink into your most comfortable and lovable armchair. At Sena Home Furniture, we firmly believe, that furniture is made to give us moments of happiness and relaxation. Having said that, we designed our armchairs with the best quality materials and designs so as not only to provide you with the comfortability you are asking for but also, we are making them as durable as possible. Check out our online shop to find the furniture that will satisfy your needs!

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A comfortable and safe place for your child to rest, durable upholstery is easy to keep clean thanks to unique fibres which...

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In addition, on our robust catalogue, we offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours of armchairs so as to make them fit with the aesthetics of your living room. While choosing your next furniture you should take into consideration some important factors.


What style are you seeking for? Relaxing? Modern? Cosy? If you are looking for furniture that can offer you relaxation then you should consider choosing furniture made of natural materials, or if you are searching for a cosy chair then you should try our wooden armchairs! In addition, if you are thinking of purchasing a modern seating then it would look lovely in a minimalistic living room, on the other hand, a classy chair will look great in an elegant living room! There are no rules in the interior design that you must follow, just pick the furniture you like the most and combine them in a way that you can express your personality! Even the most contemporary chairs can be placed in traditional houses!


The perfect size for your new armchair depends on your living room. Having a wide space can be ideal for a large setter while in a small space you can place an armchair without arms! Moreover, chairs with arms are the ideal furniture if you want to leave your book or the remote from your TV. In addition, if you want to invest in something that is more than comfortable then you should consider purchasing a modern armchair with an optional reclaimer, an example offurnitureniture is York.


In our robust catalogue, you can find a wide variety of chairs in terms of materials and fabrics, such as wood, leather or even eco leather! In addition, their fabrics are made according to the highest Italian standards and they are designed to be stain resistant, so you don't have to worry if you eat while reading your favourite book!

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