Console tables

The entrance of a home sets the tone for the rest of the house. And what better way to make a great first impression on your guests than by adding a console table in the hallway? A stylish console unit can create a striking entryway that will amaze your visitors and provide a focal point for them.

It also has a lot of functions as it offers extra storage space. So, when you open your main door, you’re welcomed with a clutter-free entryway or hallway. You can even easily match your interior because hallway console tables come in many materials, designs, sizes, and styles.

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Showing 1 - 27 of 27 items

Depending on how you want to use it, you can go for a unit that only has a tabletop, with shelves, and one with or without drawers.

Here at Sena Home Furniture, you can scroll through our collections of hallway console tables that will serve as a stylish storage space to complement the walls of your hall.

You Can Use Hallway Tables Anywhere, Even in the Dining Room!

Console tables are meant to be placed against the wall, mostly in hallways, entryways, or mudrooms. They’re the perfect spot for storing mail and keys in drawers. The lower shelf works great for keeping umbrellas, boots, and other clutter neatly organized. Their narrow, sleek, and durable design make them fit perfectly in nooks and crannies.

But other than using them beside doors or in hallways to drop keys in when arriving home, console tables have a wide range of purposes.

Not only is it a smart addition in the living room for displaying your treasured sculptures, ornaments, and books, but you can also have dining room tables serve as buffet tables. There are console tables with wheels that can be a makeshift bar. It will be a great spot to place wines and other drinks, such as coffee and tea. You can even store cutlery in the drawer or display fancy glass on the tabletop.

Customers who don't want a table occupying floor space can shop for a console unit that they can hang on the wall. It doesn't just give a modern vibe with its straight lines, but it will also make a great handy yet narrow area to store more household items and to display vases on.

Console tables can also be placed near your sofa as a side table if your living room can't accommodate a coffee table.

Another example is a bedroom console table. You can choose from various styles to make your room more spacious while having extra space to store essential items, like your passport, candles, matches, and a flashlight.

Console table storage & style options

Going classic by picking out a table with a simple top and legs will fit any room in your house. If you want more storage, there are console tables with plenty of drawers or doors. And since this piece of furniture is like a small shelf, it's suitable for storing ornaments, plants, photos, and even a fruit bowl on it.

With style, you can choose from modern, rustic, painted, mirrored, metal, glass, or one that's made of solid wood.

Vintage console tables

If you adore traditional furniture pieces, you'll find a wide array of console tables with a retro theme. They're decorated elaborately and aren't so angular in design. Some rectangular-shaped tables have rounder edger and spindle legs. Others have more unique styles, like wooden tables with a shabby chic and patchwork appearance or suitcase design.

Old-fashioned console tables, like those made from oak, are always a popular choice as their distressed look embraces the rustic charm.

There are console tables that are immaculately painted in different colors and have a high-gloss finish. They make bold statements in every room they're in and are available in shades of attractive shades such as cream, white, and gray.

Reclaimed wood console tables

Furniture of this kind is often crafted using various wood types, even reclaimed wood. It makes each and every piece of console table uniquely beautiful. They can be made from solid oak, pine, teak, acacia, and mango wood.

A console table can be made of wood from top to bottom, while others can have metal stands or glass tops. Just imagine how an oak console table will add a nice touch when placed in the hall, bedroom, beside the sofa, or in the living room.

Modern console tables

If you are looking for a contemporary console table for a minimalist design, we have those, too. They have a high-gloss finish and are made from high-quality materials such as chrome and tempered glass. It will surely complement every modern home's elegant and sophisticated glamour. Having a modern hallway console table will definitely make a statement that you and any visitor will admire.

The bottom line is that when all materials are combined, we end up with visually stunning tables. Let's also take into account how handy, stable, and practical they are. When you shop and browse our console tables, you'll find that some are flat packed, while others are already assembled when delivered.

We can't wait for you to get your hallway console table! We accept orders online or you can visit our showroom. If you want more information about any product, don't hesitate to contact us here or via our social media.