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Diana high gloss Italian furniture

Diana furniture set is nothing less than a premium quality furniture set. Diana set is crafted in a very detailed way creating that elegant touch you were always dreaming for. In addition, as Diana is an Italian set it will be delivered to you with the highest Italian standards! This range is finished in white or grey high gloss lacquer with a modern "chequerboard pattern" door and drawer fronts. Diana consists of white high-gloss coffee tables, Sonoma Oak display cabinets, Sonoma Oak highboards and last but not least a modern TV unit made by grey gloss.

No matter what you are going to choose if you check out our robust catalogue we are going to convince you that we offer everything you are looking for.

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Showing 1 - 46 of 46 items

Diana Consist of:

High gloss coffee tables

In every house, the coffee table plays an important role as it is in the centre of your living room. Before choosing the next table, you have to take into consideration the size of it, the shape, and the style. As far as the size, it is recommended it to find a coffee table which has almost the same height as your sofa so as to give you the ability to easily grab your coffee. Moreover, as far as the style, we advise our clients to choose a table which will create an aesthetic consintesty with the rest of the living room.

For instance, gloss coffee tables will give your living room that premium look you were looking for! In addition, we designed a grey gloss coffee table as well for all of you who are looking for minimal yet modern interior design!

Oak Display Cabinets/ Highboards

Highboards and sideboards are the best way to store your essentials. Additionally, on the top of their storing functionality, if they have a wide surface they can be used for purely decorative reasons as well. Furthermore, display cabinets and highboards are an elegant piece of furniture. Although, we managed to make them look even more premium by adding the best quality of Oak on them! Check them out!

Grey gloss TV unit:

In this set as we wanted to make it easier for you to combine each furniture together, so except for the gey gloss coffee table we designed a grey gloss TV unit, so as to perfectly match with your living room! Moreover, the grey colour, nowadays, is the main colour trend, and at Sena Home Furniture, as we are a trendsetter company we have already implement it for our furniture.

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