Eris lacquered range with oak top

The Eris furniture set offers a simple, minimalistic even, design for all of its components. All elements are finished with a matt white lacquer, but for one element. The top is always an oak top with an LED strip below it. This visually striking detail can make your living room stand out, making it chic and modern, as well as cozy and inviting. The neutral tone of the oak combined with the white base makes this line perfect for any home. Eris consists of everything you need while decorating your new living room.

For instance, Eris offers you the best quality sideboards with Oak finish and LED sticks below it and of course modern designed TV stands with drawers for additional space and LED sticks for a modern interior touch.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

As we mentioned before, what makes Eris such a unique set is the combination of three different elements. It is made by MDF, natural oak top, and additional LED lights!

Eris collection includes of:


In this set, the sideboards look more modern than ever. The combination of oak, LED lights, and white lacquer finish will add a shiny sparkle to your room! At the same time, as you can see from our catalogue we offer a variety of cabinets in terms of sizes and shapes. So, before choosing your new furniture, you should have in mind how you are going to use it, where you are going to place it, and how many things you want to store on it. For instance, if you are not having enough of flooring space the ideal solution would be to purchase a tall corner highboard! In addition, due to their materials, all of our furniture is made to last long and they will be delivered to you in accordance with the highest European standards.

TV stands

At Sena Home Office, we like to call them entertainment units. The main reason for that is the fact that this is the place that you gather with your friends and family to watch a movie or to play video games. Having said that, we included to Eris category some TV stands as well. They are made by the best quality of MDF which we carefully painted with white lacquer, and we added oak top and LED lights.

After combining all these materials together we come to durable yet unique pieces of furniture! If you have not convinced you yet you should check out Eris II.

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