Orde high gloss range

The Orde furniture set is for sure the set that it is going to satisfy all of your needs if you are looking for a modern interior touch. It is made by the best quality materials, and of course, it has a high-gloss finish. Moreover, as we wanted to guarantee the fact that furniture set will make your living room and your dining room more modern than ever we added glass details, if we can not convince you with our words about the uniqueness of this set then you can scroll down on our catalogue to find it out by yourself. In addition, Orde furniture set consists of glass display cabinets, Tv units, wide highboards for additional storage, coffee tables and of course high gloss dining tables.

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

At Sena Home Furniture, as a trendsetter company, we could not skip adding the latest high-gloss shiny material all over some collections. In Orde’s set, you are able to find out a wide range of furniture with a gloss finish. In addition, as you can notice from our catalogue, our furniture is made by the best quality materials and offered at the best prices of the market!

This collection consists of:

Display cabinets:

Imagine demonstrating your most prized positions in shiny gloss furniture combined with glass. The result would be more than eye-catching. At Orde’s collection, we have managed to do so! As you can see from our robust catalogue, cabinets from this collection can either be combined with other furniture from this set or can be placed separately in every room of your house. If you are interested in such furniture, have a look at Orde.

Coffee tables:

At Sena Home Furniture, we firmly believe that if you want to change the aesthetics of your living room you should start from your coffee table. Having said that, we created a black (or white) gloss coffee table that is going to completely transform your living room in a minimalistic yet modern room! In addition, as we are always a step ahead, we added some additional Led lights! If you fancy such contemporary furniture you should check Orde.


If you are in need of additional storage for your house then these kind of cabinets are the best solution for you. Due to their variety of shapes and sizes they can be placed everywhere, for instance, if you don't have enough flooring space then you should consider purchasing a tall sideboard which can be even placed on the corners of your house, on the other hand, if you have enough space then you should have in mind to choose a wide unit which not only can offer you with some additional space, but also it gives you the opportunity to use its wide surface for decorative reasons.

In this set, we designed our units with high gloss so as to give a modern touch into your home.

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