Elba range- grey oak with marmor

The main idea behind Elba’s furniture set creation was to combine in a modern way different materials, such as Oak and Dark Marmor. All of Elba’s furniture is very simple and clean in their overall design. However, it’s the material where this set truly stands out. Most of the furniture is made from the elegant grey oak, but each piece comes with a dark Marmor element, usually the top. This adds a layer of elegance that few other modern furniture sets can offer. Moreover, as all of our sets, Elba as well offers a variety of furniture for your living room such as coffee tables, highboards, sideboards, and TV units. Scroll down on our robust catalogue to find out exactly what you are looking for.

This set is the meaning of an elegant yet modern collection. The combination of oak and Marmor creates an impressive result! In addition, due to their material, we guarantee you that they going to last much more than you expect!

This set includes:

Coffee tables:

Can you imagine a better place than drinking your coffee on a Marmor table? If you have not tried you should! Its premium quality material will transform your whole living room. In addition, we managed to choose the best dimensions that will fit with your sofa. It's pretty crucial to consider purchasing a table which is almost on the same level as your sofa so as to have your coffee easily in just the stretch of your hand! If you carve for such furniture have a look at Elba II.


At Sena Home Furniture, we firmly believe that highboards are pieces of furniture with high importance for each house. The main reason for that is the fact that they can both be used as a complement for the wardrobe or they can be used as separated spaced furniture. In addition due to their materials, we guarantee you that they will aesthetically fit with any interior design!

TV unit:

As we call it the ‘heart’ of your living room could not missing from this set. The main functionality of it is not just to put your telly on it but also to use its additional storing space for your home-cinema equipment! Don’t forget that oak furniture is famous for their durability, so we highly recommend to have a look at this set if you have children!

For more details:

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