Augusta lacquered range with glass on the top

The Augusta set consists of a collection of living room and hallway furniture that is designed to be as practical as eye-catching. All of Augusta's furniture has glass elements on them, adding a subtle little touch that actually makes a world of a difference. The modern shapes of the pieces are elegant and guaranteed to fit into any interior thanks to their minimalist approach. Every element of the Augusta collection has a white high-gloss finish which has become the standard for contemporary furniture.

Augusta’s set consists of a high-gloss hanging panel, a closed space shoe cabinet to make your hallway look well-organized, hall compositions for all of your necessities, hallway wardrobe for your coats and jackets and of course display cabinets and sideboards for your living room.

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

While we were making each furniture set, we considered that it would be useful to provide you with a hallway set as well! As you can notice by yourself Augusta is that set! It contains all the necessary furniture for a well-organized hallway, but at the same time due to the adjustability of its furniture, you can even place some of them in your living room!

Augusta consists of:

Hallway Panel/ Shoe cabinet

As we mentioned before, at this set you are able to find all the must-have furniture for your hallway. To be more specific, whether you are looking for a open space shoe store, or a closed space shoe cabinet for extra protection for your shoes, or just a panel for your coats, we have it all! In addition, you can even find hallway compositions, which offer you both of shoe cabinets, panels, and even sideboards for additional storage!

All of our hallway furniture, are made with an all over high-gloss finish and with a durable white glass top for a more modern interior touch! If you are interested in such a contemporary composition have a look at Augusta set II.


At Sena Home Furniture, we care about the way that each room will look like, so in this set, we manufactured furniture that will not only fit into your hallway but also in your living room or your dining room. For instance, we designed a contemporary highboard which not only will store a huge amount of your necessities but also due to its wide surface it can be used for decorative reasons! If you fancy such furniture, you may want to have a look at Augusta II.

Display cabinet:

We could not skip including display cabinets in this modern collection! These cabinets are made to demonstrate your most prized possessions in the most modern way. To be more specific, due to their high-gloss finishes and their LED lights, there is no way that these pieces of furniture will not draw all the glances of your guests! Have a look at Augusta and you will be easily convinced.

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