Ovio contemporary living and dining room furniture

Ovio is a set that offers a lot of eye-catching furniture. To be more specific, glass and modern high-gloss are just a couple of elements of this set Moreover, every piece of this collection comes with LED lights for a more modern touch in your interior design. Ovio set consists of a wide variety of furniture, you can find all of them on our robust catalogue. For instance, you can have a look at black high-gloss TV units, narrow display cabinets, sideboards and at the unique modern designed dining tables made of glass. All furniture are available in black or white, this furniture collection can make your living room and your dining room feel stylish and elegant thanks to its unique design and smart solutions. 

Like all of our sets, Ovios as well is made in a way that it can offer you all the must-have furniture for your living room or your dining room. In addition, on the top of their modern design, they are made in a durable and functional way so as to satisfy the needs of all of our customers.

This set includes:

Dining tables:

Tables are the heart of your dining room. Is the place that you are going to meet with your friends and family and enjoy your dinner. Having said that, we created contemporary tables with top glass and high gloss that will draw all of your guests' attention. Moreover, due to the glass element, these tables will create the illusion that you have more room space that you actually have.

In addition, as our glass is 12mm top quality material there are no reasons to worry about its durability! If you are interested in such a table have a look at Ovio glass table.


At Sena Home Furniture, we firmly believe that these kind of cabinets are very crucial for each home. Not only they can store a great number of things in a tidy way but also they can be used with purely decorative reasons. In addition, no matter if you want a wide surface unit or a tall and narrow storing furniture, you will find it all in our robust catalogue!

Moreover, for this set, we made them with black or white high gloss finish that will make your room more shiny than ever!

Display cabinets:

These kind of cabinets are not only made for storing your essentials but also for demonstrating your ‘treasuers’ in a safe and dust free space! At Sena Home Furniture, as we know the importance of such furniture, we made them as versatile as possible so as to make them fit in every space and every interior. To be more specific, Ovio’s cabinets are made with an all over white or black high gloss finish and with an additional LED light which will make your guest admire your favourite photos! Have a look at Ovio II.

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