Gaming and Computer Chairs

Drooling for that perfect gaming computer setup where you can play those famous racing games your friends talking about? If you already have your computer, then great! All you need now is to find the best gaming and computer chair.

Computer and gaming chairs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Most regular computer enthusiasts, especially for those who are working at offices, usually find themselves sitting on a regular office chair. These office chairs may sometimes have those unadjustable armrests and sport your typical office furniture. In a gamer’s standard, these fall into the category of normal and plain.

However, a true gamer at heart would find a way to get their hands on a fancy gaming chair for that undeniable gaming experience. As you all know, a decent gaming chair offers tons of lumbar support for that uninterrupted and comfortable gaming experience. That's the value it brings to the table. Now, let’s talk about gaming chairs and how you can find the best deal for your buck.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 items

What are Gaming Chairs?

Unlike what its name suggests, a gaming chair is not only specific for gamers. Its actual purpose is to provide maximum back comfort and support your body after spending long hours of seating in front of your desk. With a total focus on comfort, gaming chairs can potentially boost an individual's productivity. On top of that, this setup is also perfect for individuals who experience severe back pain or have mobility issues. For those who are looking for that X-factor, of course, it wouldn't be a gaming chair if it wasn't for that cool style and other bits of functional stuff.

Some suggest that gaming chairs closely resemble a sports car seat and they couldn't be more right about that. In fact, these were designed to mimic car seats for racing games and car simulations. With their bold design and undeniable comfort, the market for gaming chairs skyrocketed and now, you see all kinds of styles that cater not only pc games but console gamers as well.

Types of Gaming Chairs to Choose From

Contrary to popular belief, manufacturers offer a selection that comes with different styles and has a category of its own. Depending on how you use it, it is best to find the right option for your need.

Gaming Chairs for PC

Just like the name implies, it is the most common gaming chair you'll see out in the market. It sports the whole identity of a gaming chair with just one glimpse thanks to its bold design and absolute comfort perfect for those long-hour gaming sessions.

People mostly see these types of chairs resting right in front of their computer desk ready to be used if ever you want to play a marathon of games with your friends. Because of its unbelievable comfort, it is also the popular choice for people who spends a lot of time working in front of the computer as part of their workstation.

PC gaming chairs have tons of adjustability that ensure maximum efficiency and comfort. The set of wheels at the base provides ease of navigation, especially if you're too preoccupied to stand up and walk around the room. Thanks to its smooth swivel function, you can freely move around at your desk without changing the way you position yourselves. For ergonomics, you might see oversized armrests that deliver superb support for your wrist while you navigate your mouse and keyboard. The back and neck support, on the other hand, are strategically placed for preventing strains, neck pains, and shoulder pains, while making sure your posture is right while you do your thing in front of your computer desk.

You can say that a low-spec gaming chair has the same function as a regular office chair, but with added features that maximize comfort and aesthetics. If you're looking for unique design, comfort, and utility, this might be the perfect candidate for your next home office and workspace furniture.

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Gaming Chairs for Console

Console gaming also has its fair share of specialised sets of furniture. Unlike their personal computer counterpart, people categorised it as a more versatile iteration of the feature-heavy PC gaming chairs - to an everyday use standpoint.

The most famous of the bunch is the chair that doesn't have any wheels or pedestal at the bottom. Its unique feature allows the user to sit on top of the chair while rocking back and forth with the whole unit. Console gaming chairs are also considerably less ergonomic but significantly more comfortable. This is thanks to the laid-back posture console gaming chairs features.

New versions of console gaming chairs upped their game to a new level thanks to the additional peripherals such as the integrated surround speakers and charging ports on the fly.

Racer Simulator Seats

Moving back to what it was initially intended for, racer simulator seats are considered a top-of-the-line option when it comes to gaming peripherals. It shares the same silhouette of a driver's seat and is built around a frame that acts as a mounting piece for any game accessories you want to add to your arsenal. Additional gadgets such as a wheel, pedals, gear sticks, and shift levers are prime examples of these.

Because of its sheer design and features, racing simulator seats appeal only to high-spending, hardcore gamers. However, it also found a place on the market as a simulation ground for professional drivers for personal training.

Bean Bag Chairs

A gaming chair doesn't need to cost you an arm and a leg, actually, a trusted bean bag might be the ideal choice for you. The overall construction of a bean bag usually consists of the inner foams and the upholstered covering that holds everything up. These covers can range from suede to all kinds of reliable fabrics that offer both comfort and sturdiness.

Bean bags are a popular choice for casual console gamers or even individuals, who want a placid time while watching their favourite shows on the television. Though it didn't provide much ergonomic options unlike its counterparts, the comfy feel it provides is a hard bar to match. It is probably thanks to the unrestricted seating posture that you can do on top of a bean bag.

You can even have a personal touch in designing your own room with the help of bean bags. Get deals with different designs and a variety of bean bags. Make sure you also consider the available size and work your way up until your room meshes well with the collection of unique chairs that fills your room. There you have it, a bean bag heaven right in the comfort of your own home!

Overall, bean bags can't actually replace your typical desk chairs, which means it is not one of the typical choices if you consider yourself one of the PC gamers in the neighbourhood. However, it still has a couple of features that earned its proper place as one of the alternative products if you're looking for something comfortable. On top of that, bean bag purchases are considerably cheaper and it might be the best price offering for people running on a limited budget.

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Other Things to Consider

Ergonomic, overall quality and materials are some of the key points you need to look out for when adding a gaming chair to your orders. Ergonomics is probably the most important in the bunch. The range of comfort, with the right angle of support to your arms, neck, and back is a huge factor, especially if you're spending a lot of work time in front of your desk. Truly one of the greatest services gaming chairs can offer!

People need to take note of the overall quality of the item and where it came from. One prime example, order, and delivery from a trusted brand ensure you that you'll get top-of-the-line merchandise. Speaking of which, Sena Furniture offers a wide collection of gaming chairs and other essential furniture. Shop now and enjoy various discounts and great deals only from Sena Furniture.

Just like all merchandise from trusted stores, items would go to a series of tests beforehand and ensure everything is in tip-top shape before handing it over to you. Aside from that, you also need to consider how sturdy and if your gaming chair would last long even if you put them under constant everyday wear and tear.

Material and colours also have a significant impact on the gaming chair's designs and aesthetics. Leather, for example, provides a premium feel to the overall aesthetics of most chairs. There are different material categories out there and finding out the one that suits you best might be the most ideal approach. At the same time, the availability and variety of colourways of your gaming chair are as important as knowing where it was made from. After all, a sick-looking desk chair loaded with all kinds of features might not give out its total potential if it doesn't match the overall room vibe.

Now that you have all the tools and knowledge you can now get our dream gaming chair that you always want!