Conference Chairs

Some people would go far and beyond just to achieve what they would consider the perfect conference and meeting room setup. Let’s talk about the most important office furniture in our workplace - the conference chair. 

There’s a huge collection of office furniture out in the market and choosing the ideal one for our office setup can be a daunting task. With this in mind, the main reason why there’s a huge influx of sub-par meeting room setup has something to do with their conference chairs in conjunction with its functionality and aesthetics. In fact, some conference rooms focus solely on aesthetics but sacrifice a whole lot when it comes to comfort and functionality. While others put comfort and functionality on the top of their list but show a significant impact on the overall aesthetics of the conference room. 

That’s why we compiled all the right bits and pieces for choosing the ideal conference room chairs that fit your overall office theme. 

The Things You Should Look for in Conference and Meeting Room Chairs

Every major plan for a business has to start with somewhere and that somewhere usually is the conference or meeting room. Let's start with the ideal setup for that flawless meeting plan, and sit down to our very first meeting room chairs.

Conference and meeting room chairs must be comfortable and less distracting as possible. This ensures that every participant could bring their best foot forward for the interest of the topic at hand. We could achieve this if we know exactly what we should look for. Here are some of the prime things that we need to keep at the top of our list.

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Chair Construction

The construction of our office furniture is an important thing you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right conference room chairs. After all, you want our guests to feel that they are getting a treat for your special events! Here are the things you need to check before getting your hand in one. There are other criteria that would be ideal for measuring the effective range of our office furniture, but these are probably the most important things we need consider.

The Fabric

A breathable fabric selection on your conference room chairs provides lots of air circulation keeping the individual on the chair feeling nice and comfortable even at long hours of sitting. The fabric also provides subtle cushion support that adds relief and braces up our sensitive backbone structure. There's a whole range of fabric selections that you can choose from

Body Support

A lot of office chair setups nowadays offer lower back support. However, good ones sport an adjustable support structure that provides absolute fit and comfort for your lower back. A premium feature that you won't be available in occasional chairs that we see in a regular office space.

Your conference chair's seat height can also cause strain on the lower back may affect an individual's overall productivity and might greatly reduce his or her effectiveness in their daily tasks causing you that precious sign-and-deal contract. Do you see the point? It may be a minute detail but it could have a substantial effect on an individual's performance in the long run.


Adjustability is one of the most useful features of a great conference chair. It gives an individual the freedom to alter their chair to any configuration that would maximize their functionality and their creativity for the job.

With this, you have the capability to account for the body makeup of an individual and suit it to the seat of their choice. Truly, a functional option to make someone else's working day a bit lighter and in control.

A decent office chair has at least five adjustment options and some of the higher-end offers a jaw-breaking number of different adjustments, including the weight tension control and others. In fact there are up to 14 adjustments available in a top-of-the-line selection, or sometimes more! More adjustments might sound fancy but you only need to know the most important adjustment options, such as the lumbar support adjustment, the height and width for our arms, seat back angle, and tension control. Once you find a conference chair that features these adjustability options, then you're on the right track for that perfect conference room chair.

These adjustability features work hand in hand and every piece constitutes to the overall experience you'll get from a piece of office furniture. However, there are conference chairs that lack any adjustments but provide all the comfort one could ask for. Chairs with fixed arms rest are a prime example of this.

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The material of choice is also a crucial factor when choosing the right conference room chairs in your workspace. Some people find chairs made of leather have a certain appeal to them. On the other hand, others prefer fabric. In some instances, you might also see conference chairs made from wood. The bottom line, it depends on how your office space is set up and your preferred material that would fit nicely on the overall look that you want to achieve.

For a modern style office and conference rooms aesthetics, it might be better to go after fabric finishes and match it along with your room's overall vibe. We see mesh seat construction for the back support giving ventilation and added comfort, while we traverse in our working day. For a more premium look, genuine or eco-friendly leather might be the more suitable option. The luxury factor would go up a notch if you pair it up with exquisite wood carving and beautiful gloss finishes.

Others opt for a metallic feel to their boardroom chairs and choose to apply aluminium support for added sturdiness. Some even have the ability to have the backrest recline to a comfier feel while discussing business meetings.

Colour Selection

Rooms with a matching colour scheme aren't one of the latest news when it comes to room aesthetics. It is nice to have a room filled with complementing furniture and to do this, we have to take into account popular categories of colours, palettes, and the potential outcome we could get if we mix and match contrasting shades.

We can also take advantage of colours in a subtle way. Colours are one way to say your company's brand and we need to take advantage of that. Knowing the best combination and how colours affect the room may provide a significant positive vibe, and eventually help us to get that sign on the paper that we all want. If you're still free from solid branding and still in the process of putting up an identity for your business, then feel free to look at our article about Interior Design Colour Trends for 2021.

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Intangible Impact of Conference Chairs

Without a doubt, conference chairs have a significant impact on the outlook of your business partners and potential clients. After all, these humble office equipment that's usually made of mesh and covered with all kinds of fabric, can easily be conceived as a subtle hint of the image that you want to portray with your business.

The set does not only mean the culture of your company but also shows how you handle people outside your circle. Regular visitor chairs may do the trick but it wouldn't provide an A-class comfort suitable for important guests.

Your conference chair should also match the vibe and interior design your office portrays. Keeping this in mind creates a strong aesthetic connection to your office environment and the virtue your company wants to emit to the public and investors' eyes.

Most online shops offer exclusive discounts for bulk orders and most of the time, they even deliver their product assembled already. Now that all things are dialed in, you can now choose your first conference room chair for your business.