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The TV is the heart of the home’s entertainment area and for that reason, it deserves to be placed on a piece of furniture that can contain it comfortably. Additionally, you probably have a lot of things that you connect to it - DVD players, video game consoles, and all sorts of other home electronics. If you do not want a chaotic living room full of cables, a TV unit is everything you are looking for. Sena Home Furniture offers bespoke units with enough space so as to not only fit your whole TV set on top of it, but also with enough space in compartments below it to contain all your electronics, as well as DVDs, books, and anything else you might want to place in your living room.

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Showing 1 - 29 of 29 items

The TV is an important element of your living room - it's where most of your entertainment takes place. Whether it's a football game, a series, a film on DVD or a video game on a console, you most likely use your TV to unwind. But a TV needs to stand on something, so that you can sit in a comfortable position as you entertain yourself. TV units are used for just that, but modern TV units can do so much more. With a variety of elegant styles, the contain doors, drawers, and compartments, all to contain your electronic equipment like DVD players and game consoles, as well as remote controls and DVDs.

The best way to get just the TV unit you want is to use our bespoke services. We can provide you with a TV unit that will not only be just the right size to contain your television set and be the right height for your sitting position, but our units are also very carefully crafted from the best materials available. And whether you're looking for something in plain wood or vivid colours, we can craft it for you so that your home can look as fabulous as you want it to be.

On our bespoke catalogue of TV stands, you can find a wide variety in terms of size, storage, and materials!


Even though our entertainment units are bespoke we have to give you some advice before choosing your new TV cabinet! So, if you are planning to create your own home cinema with all the essential equipment then a simple stand will not be able to offer you all that space, so you have to choose a furniture with a wide surface for your telly and with some extra storage for your equipment, for example, Nina would be a perfect solution in that case! On the other hand, if you do not have enough space but still you enjoy watching your favourite movie on a rainy day then you should consider buying a small or even wall mounted modern Tv stand. That way not only you will economically use your living room space but also you will still have the extra storage you were looking for! A functional solution in this situation would be Diam . Moreover, about the position of your new contemporary unit should be somewhere that it will not be directly facing the sun as you will not be able to see properly!

Materials and styles:

Our cabinets vary also in terms of colours and materials so as to give you the opportunity to express yourself! In addition, all of our furniture is made with the finest materials and assigned with the highest standards. Furthermore, you can find telly cabinets made by oak or even MDF, at the same time our units will be painted with black or white high gloss for a modern interior touch! Or, if you need something more elegant you can find them lacquered in matt finish!


As we can provide you with a bespoke unit, we will not only design the right size to contain your television set, but it will also be the right height for your sitting position and, at the same time, it will also be very carefully crafted from the best materials available. Having said that our furniture include drawers and doors with the push-click technology for extra convenience!

For more details:

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