TV Units

TV units add timeless appeal to your lounge area with their unique characteristics and features. This furniture holds the entire entertainment system together and is made to be the focal point of the room. When it comes to living spaces, the sofa and the TV should be parallel and occupy the central place, which then determines the rest of the terrain of your living room furniture, even your room lighting, wall design, and overall décor.

With that said, getting your modern TV stand right is crucial to the style of the rest of the living space.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items

The TV is an important element of your living room - it's where most of your entertainment takes place. Whether it's a football game, a series, a film on DVD or a video game on a console, you most likely use your TV to unwind. But a TV needs to stand on something, so that you can sit in a comfortable position as you entertain yourself. TV units are used for just that, but modern TV units can do so much more. With a variety of elegant styles, the contain doors, drawers, and compartments, all to contain your electronic equipment like DVD players and game consoles, as well as remote controls and DVDs.

The best way to get just the TV unit you want is to use our bespoke services. We can provide you with a TV unit that will not only be just the right size to contain your television set and be the right height for your sitting position, but our units are also very carefully crafted from the best materials available. And whether you're looking for something in plain wood or vivid colours, we can craft it for you so that your home can look as fabulous as you want it to be.

TV Stand Selection

Today on the market, there are many different types of TV units, and with so much choice, your shopping experience can be somewhat tiring, and you may even give up altogether. This is why, if you are looking for style tips on how to pick the best TV stand, the most important thing is to consider the following factors:

  • Budget
  • Material
  • Colours
  • Size and design
  • Storage features
  • Room dimensions

These will help you choose faster by narrowing the choice of products. Before we go into the possible selection of TV cabinets, let's talk about picking the best TV unit.

3 Design Tips To Selecting the Best TV Unit

The living room is the central part of any house, and it sets the experience your guests get when they first come into your home. And just like the room in the central part, the entertainment section can be its primary focal point.

You use this area of your home to watch your favourite TV shows, entertain people and relax after a long day. Therefore, it is imperative to decorate this section of the house in the most impressive manner.

That's why a clever TV stand with plenty of storage space and an elegant design is a must-have. You can choose an eye-catching design with different colours that transforms your lounge into something extraordinary or a monochromatic one that will soothe and fit into the style of your home effortlessly.

With that said, TV units are not just restricted to the entertainment section. They offer the most stylish way to way to organise and store things in the living room. So, choosing wisely is key. Read below to know how to do it.

Go By Room Size

TVs are the focal point of the living room for many people. However, you don't want to make that area too large that all the other furniture pieces and items look lost in comparison. Measure the room and configure the layout on a piece of paper.

Determine whether you are happy with the current layout of your room, and check what size of TV unit will work well within your room area. Is your place limited, and if so, are you limited to height or depth?

Figuring out these answers will help your entertainment unit to be in sync with the rest of your room. After all, this is the defining feature of the living room area, and you don't want it to be too small or overly sticking out. This is why planning is key!

Know What You Want

Undoubtedly, you will be bombarded with different styles, shapes, colours, finishes, and types of construction of TV stands. An entertainment unit is a serious purchase. This piece of furniture will be around for quite a while in your home. Therefore it should never be an impulse purchase. So, going shopping before determining the wanted style and design isn't a good idea because you will find yourself hopping from one design to the other and feeling helpless.

There is some planning to do before you head out shopping. First, check out the pre-existing aesthetics of your home. If you have wooden furniture and everything else has warm tones in your room, you can't buy a black and white TV stand no matter how much you like it. A sleek and modern design of a TV stand won't fit amongst retro mid-century vibe.

Also, you need to consider the natural light in your room or the lack thereof. For instance, if your room is darker and you don't have many windows around the TV stand, we recommend going for lighter oaks and white tones. Such a piece will open up the room and make it seem more prominent as it will contrast the dark tones already there.

On the other hand, if you already have ample natural light coming in and your room is large, you can go with a darker entertainment unit in smoky ash and walnut tones or matt black finishes. Such a model will anchor the room and give it more depth.

Lastly, you need to determine whether you want a free-standing unit or one that is attached to the wall and frees up your floor space entirely. Also, the design of the TV stands can be quite different, with some having multiple display and storage compartments or some having a more understated cubic style unit.

Don't Compromise On Functionality

If you are trying to maximise space in your living room, you will need a TV stand that offers you more than just a location to display your TV. If you have electronic gadgets, DVD collections, or other personal items you can't store anywhere else, go for the TV stands that offer an additional storage area. With these multifunctional units, you get to display your books, plants, pictures, and other ornaments while still having plenty of room left to store away from other belongings.

Make sure that you are genuinely buying what you need. Pick what functions you need the unit to have for you and your living area. If you already have a bookshelf styled up with all your books and collectables, then you do not need the extra shelf area.

However, if you already have minimal furniture in the room, then getting a bigger TV stand will be the storage solution you seek.

The Benefits of TV Stands

It is not an overstatement when we say that the TV is the focal point of our lounge area for many of us. According to the statistics, people spend an average of four hours a day watching TV. That means that there is a high chance that you spend a lot of time staring at your TV unit too.

This is your go-to place for pure entertainment and relaxation. So, it is only normal to look for aesthetics and good design apart from its functionality and price.

Entertainment units of today have become so much more than just a home for the TV. This is your area to set the tone and style for your entire living area. When you get it right, it can even offer a most fabulous storage solution too.

Wall units are an important way of increasing floor space, and they give you various options in the form of segmented storage. They are a great way to show off your collections and easily change the room's entire look without making any significant changes or renovations.

People with open space wall units are free to freshen up the look of their room by switching up the accessories displayed. Some even prefer changing the items seasonally just so that they prevent their room design from being monotonous.


TVs are almost always the focus of each living area, so make sure that you follow our style tips that will help you pick the suitable unit for you. Regardless of the type of TV unit you decide to buy, make sure that its design softens and distracts from the TV's big screen. Today's television sets can be pretty large, so you need something around them to soften the look.

If you go for the open shelving on your TV unit, you can add some colours around the TV by adding a vase of freshly cut blooms or a vibrant indoor plant. Frames with photos, collectibles and art are also perfect for creating a balance, and they will be perfect to gaze at, even if it's only during the commercial breaks.

In the market, there is an array of unique wall units available. However, if you search for the best product in the country, a shop with excellent customer service at your disposal, then you should choose Sena Home Furniture.

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Never forget that the way you decorate your home says a lot about your personality and character and who you are as a person. Show your true style and represent yourself in the right way with us.